30 December 2010

Dean Monroe R-O-C-K-S...

Among the hundreds, upon thousands of beautiful, HORNY men 
I have cum across since launching 'RAW MASCULINITY',
this man rates well within my TOP 10 all-time favourites...

God help me (and HIM) 
if I catch a glimpse of him takin' it up the ass RAW 
as I'm barely able to withhold myself 
from blowin' my load whilst perving on his pics as it is.

R-O-C-K-S my world!

29 December 2010

You're so into cock, probably more than most Tops. Just wonder if you're ever tempted to bottom or if you suck dick (gloryholes, public beats, etc)?

I'll bite...damn good question!

Definitely got my number as I absolutely love 'COCK' tho 'more than most Tops' is debatable.

Let me first say that I appreciate how this question is phrased, not challenging my role as a 'TOP' as others have done previously.

I rarely, if ever fantasize or hunger to take cock up my ass - I have difficulty suspending reality to that extent. I am not completely adverse to bottoming (last time was 2006) and will gladly give it up when a REAL MAN with a genuine drive to fuck me up the ass turns me over and does just that, which is EXACTLY how the guy who boned me in 2006 handled it.

I LOVE sucking cock, tho not so inclined with my botttom 'boys' and/or fuckbuddies...again, not opposed to it but rather maintain a high-level 'TOP/bottom', 'Daddy/boy', 'Dom/sub' energy...all bullshit aside, I am absolutely insatiable about having my own cock sucked and serviced, which totally works for the cocksuckers I hook up with.

I rarely visit any sex on premises or public beats to suck cock specifically...tho am SERIOUSLY considering now that you've gone and planted that seed in my head ;-)

Curious much?! It's now or never. 'RM' closing 31 Dec 2010. ['RM' blog, sexuality and sex-related preferred.]

27 December 2010

Derrick Davenport - TOP Alpha Male (...after all these years)

I can still remember the first time 
I encountered this straight, 

This was the first pic...

Five years on...
I have yet to cum across anyone,
ranging from professional models, athletes and celebrities
including porn, internet or print,
past or present,
gay, bi or straight,
at it deepest, most erotic core.
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
And after a thorough internet search, 
this was the first clip... 
I literally blew my load...within minutes!!!

26 December 2010

'HUNG SOBs' slide show

'HUNG' in itself is RARELY EVER enough to grab my attention.

As a matter-of-fact it means next to nothing 
if not swingin' between a masculine dude's legs...

HUNG,masculine dude WITH attitude or
'HUNG SOB' even better!

Tippin' my hat to "ORAL COCK WORSHIP"


Five days left to offer my final thoughts, words and deeds. 
Of priority to me is to highlight blogs, bloggers and other related gems 
that have either inspired, influenced or (simply) 
kept my cock hard over the past two years.

Last week I featured "UNRULYDUDE'...
the BEST collection of easy to play/download XXX vids, 
with horny commentary. 

This week
I draw your attention to 

Not only is the content authentic, uninhibited and diverse, 
it's moderator (and blog itself for that matter) are refreshingly authentic 
and sometimes even vulnerable...

just one of the characteristics about cocksuckers that I LOVE!

Heya mate,

Sittin' here, EDGIN' MY TITS OFF, fightin' back every impulse to blow my load after checkin' out your most recent posts...the last five in particular...JEZUSSSSSSSS dude!

If you're not already aware, I'm closing down my blog (RAW MASCULINITY) as of 31 January but will be leaving it idle for a while to give fellow pervs time to download items of interest.

Enough about me...once again, your blog has "inspirited" me so I've JUST created a photo album/slide show in YOUR honour. (see sample pics attached).

Looks like you're tearin' it up in CA...u movin' there permanently, or already do? I travel to the US (San Francisco and New Mexico) every five years and am planning a holiday in April...would be a fuckin' shame to let that opportunity slip away...grrrrrrrrrr...

Here's the link to 'TASTY' slide show, created in YOUR honour...just so you know, I'm blastin' my load all over my keyboard RIGHT NOW, just to keep it real!


12 December 2010

'CAPS' slide show

Better than Viagra, Cialis or Levitra...

My cock springs to life 
for masculine, boy-next-door types,
sportin' a baseball cap 
and snug-fitting, white cotton briefs.

I re-read your sign off message...is the blog disappearing in Jan 1, 2011, or hanging around for a while, while we late-comers play catch-up?

RAW MASCULINITY will remain idle for one month beginning 1 Jan 2011 for all you 'Johnny-CUM-latelys' wanting to copy or download content for your personal use...in short, I will not be posting anything to this blog and fully intend to permanently close/delete from Blogger by 1 Feb 2011.

Curious much?! It's now or never. 'RM' closing 31 Dec 2010. ['RM' blog, sexuality and sex-related preferred.]

Are you going to do another Blog, or web-page, or the like, or are you moving on to other things completely? Maxx

At this point I plan to redirect my energy towards work, our families (Au and overseas) and my relationship...I'm not so foolish as to cut myself off (cruisin' sex-related blogs and websites) 'cold-turkey' however feel it's HIGH TIME for me take a back seat, kick-back and enjoy the benefits of jacking-off anonymously...but moreso...

Curious much?! It's now or never. 'RM' closing 31 Dec 2010. ['RM' blog, sexuality and sex-related preferred.]

'UP the ASS' slide show


Latex-free zone!!!

For a closer look, 
just move your cursor over the pic
to enhance your view of the
Top's cock penetrating the bottom's hole 
the good ol' fashioned way...RAW!!!

11 December 2010

I'm going to miss your blog... why is it closing?

Again and with all sincerity, cheers for that...after some time to reflect, I've come to realize (and now publicly acknowledge) that 'RAW MASCULINITY' blog, not unlike my online sex profile(s), reflects only a fraction of my sexual identity.

It is of significance to me as I endeavor to be relatively transparent in this regard and remain steadfastly secure about my sexuality, masculinity and integrity. As such, it would be remiss of me to not acknowledge who I am NOW at 44 yo versus the 'hypersexual' horndog I was at 39 yo, when I created my first blog, 'Man-on-Man Action' on Ning.

Apologies for the 'long-winded' answer...thanks again for asking.


09 December 2010

Unrlydude2...well worth every horny man's attention

As I fade this blog out, I'm using all remaining posts to highlight some of my experiences as a blog author and moderator and horny edging bator.

Among the blogs I've come to appreciate of late is UNRULY DUDE2.

Do yourselves (and your hardons) 
a favour and check it out  now...
I guarantee UNRULY DUDE2 blog is 
well worth every horny man's attention.


'Smokin' ' slide show

Luv a man with a 'smokin' attitude...

(This slide show is not an endorsement of any behaviours, regardless of it's PC relevence.)

For the ULTIMATE  'Smokin' Hot Stud' on this planet, check out...
Tom Miller

My Photo

Hi, my name is Tom Miller 
and I am a porn amateur from Xtube.

06 December 2010

Hello, I dragged myself to "High Speed" internet early in 2010, so have been aware of your Blogspot for only a few months---I have enjoyed it greatly and will miss it a lot, when its gone! Quality sites, especially with an assortment of GOOD videos, are

Cheers mate...I very much appreciate your taking the time and making the effort to let me know this...gives me a very grounded sense of satisfaction knowing the content I chose to feature on my blog was likewise appreciated by horny fkrs like u!

Curious much?! It's now or never. 'RM' closing 31 Dec 2010. ['RM' blog, sexuality and sex-related preferred.]

04 December 2010

At the gym where you go, do guys ever show it hard in the locker room? jerk off together in the shower? @18thCfriend

Rarely do I observe men sportin' fully engorged hardons however often notice that the guys who hang around the lockerroom toweling off repeatedly proudly allow their semis to flop around without reservation.

Curious much?! It's now or never. 'RM' closing 31 Dec 2010. ['RM' blog, sexuality and sex-related preferred.]

03 December 2010

Do you usually cum more than once in a given fucking? @18thCfriend

"In a given fucking" is such a relative reference nowadays and as such, I (most often) may not cum at all yet have cum as three to four times within the same "fuck session". HOWEVER, when I was more versatile and FAR LESS attached to sexual roles, particularly my own, I (vaguely) recall cuming multiple times while coppin' it, getting my cock sucked AND topping.

Curious much?!?! [Sexually-related questions wel-cum...]

01 December 2010

'Who Let the Dog Out' slide show

A tribute to those precious seconds 
in which a man unbuckles his belt, 
then his jeans/trousers, then his briefs...
until his meat feels the relief of cool air, 
just before being engulfed by a warm, velvety mouth.

A Breeder's Journal: Samir

Mr. Steed 
(AKA: The Breeder)
  is a man among MEN!

 (posted on 'A Breeder's Journal') 
is a must-read for those of you 
whose cocks are connected to your hearts.


Counting down...

In the spirit of all things ridiculously horny, 
I intend to quietly fade-out 'RAW MASCULINITY' 
by 1 January 2011.

As such, all remaining posts are meant to express 
the highlights of my experience(s), influences and connections 
derived or associated with this blog. 

At the risk of sounding like a total dagg, 
it's just my way of sayin', 

Beginning with my personal 
ALL-TIME favourite cocksucking bottom, 
Treasure Island Media's exclusive UBER-bottom, 

And so we begin...

Counting down...

31 days til the end of the year...

31 days til I log-off and retire this blog,
my alter-ego, if you will...
bringing closure to this chapter of my life, 
to what has been a phenomenally enriching experience 
as creator/moderator/author of


29 November 2010

C'mon Mate...LET'S FUCK!!!

 the video compilation...

25 November 2010

where can i see the pic of the cock ring?

Link to a (relatively) recent pic, same cockring... 

23 November 2010

That cockring of yours is so freakin'HOT though have to wonder if you've ever hurt anyone when fucking or skull fucking?

Cheers for that...and for noticing ;-). Admitedly, I receive almost as many comments about my cockring as I do about my cock itself. Funnily enough, I actually 'inherited' that particular cockring from a hot dude I fucked many years ago (2002) at Steamworks in Berkley, CA. I don't remember all the details but recall him taking it off himself while sucking my cock in the hot tub. Initially, it looked too big and seemed way too bulky, particularly if I had any intention of skullfucking or serious ass-pounding. All and any concerns about it being too cumbersome quickly disappeared as soon as I felt the weight of it encasing my cock and balls. In no time, my cock responded and filled the circumference not unlike a hand in glove...it was a match made in pig-heaven and we've never looked back. 

That said, I soon learned that my bigger, meatier, heavier cock didn't give me license to plow away at will when wearing that steel monster. I can't even begin to count the number of times I've been reminded of its potential hazzard, especially when hearing the sound of it clashing against a cocksucker's front teeth. To avoid injury, I must wear a second cockring, usually made of rubber or neoprine, as a buffer that will protect my boys' mouths and holes.

01 November 2010

Choice Cut (slideshow) (Dedicated to my brother-in-law)

~ ~ ~
 Dedicated to my brother-in-law...
 ~ ~ ~

Looks as though you've opened up Pandora's box with this one buddy boy...I'm a bit stunned to say that this is not unlike my own personal experiences being exposed to cock and masturbation...

It started with my bro-in-law whom I showered with daily when I was 5 yo (he was 22, Naval Officer)...at that age, I stood at eye-level to his big cut cock, low hanging balls and thick black bush/treasure trail. He'd often call out for me as he'd strip out of his uniform and then reach into the shower to prepare the water temp...

This became a guilty fkn pleasure for me as I became more and more aware of the sexual pleasure I was deriving from being in such close proximity to his cock every fkn day...in fact, it was not at all unusual for me to have been eating a bowl of cereal, watching cartoons on Saturday morning as my bro-in-law and sister 'slept in'...he'd ease out of their room quietly, buck naked and fully engorged or even fkn ERECT, depending on how much had just passed since fucking the shit outta my sister's 17 yo pussy...HIS pussy, as he often bragged.

"Mornin' tiger...sister's gonna sleep in for a while...you ok?" as he'd walk towards me, cock STILL fkn bigger than normal...stand next to me, mess up my hair playfully then sit on the coffee table, leaning forward..."Can't piss when I'm this hard...and I've really gotta piss..." After a minute or two, he's go stand in front of the toilet, eyes closed, his cock just a little less than parallel to the floor...

I'd always take the opportunity to watch him piss, hiding behind a door in the room opposite the bathroom...watch his cock throb as he's start to release one, two, three droplets...then more and more and more...usually wouldn't touch his cock if pissing in the buff...sometimes wouldn't even bother to shakin' free the last drops of piss, as he'd do almost 100% of the time pissing in public toilets or when fully clothed...

It was my brother-in-laws perfect CUT cock 
which set the standard for the cocks 
I would fantasize about for the rest of my life!!!

This slide show is dedicated to him...

31 October 2010

29 October 2010

'MATES' slide show

The instinctive and intimate bond between a man and his mate(s).

24 October 2010

Hurensohn 'Smoking Break'

XTube Master Exhibitionist


' RAW ' ...period.

Cocky Ball Player brings out my innermost 'Grrrrr'...

After grabbin' him by his uniform's waistband 
and shooving him down to the lockerroom floor,
  I'd spit in my palm then offer him the opportunity
to add his own spit to his personal lube.


Spit in my hand one last time... 

 Slowly rub his asshole with it 
before readying the head of my cock for entry...  


' AAA Beef ' slide show

19 October 2010

Maverick Men: The True Story Behind The Videos (THE BOOK)

You'ld have to be livin' under a rock or in internet-less closet
to have missed Xtube's VIPs of VIPs... 
I could easily ramble on and on about 
these modern-day gay porn mavericks, 
yet nothing I could put into words 
could convey the depth of lust and raw masculility of these two in action.

This is the first clip I ever saw of them...
early days and one of their first video posts.

Several years on, 
these men have evolved, respectively...
and their sexual relationship have evolved with them.

Maverickman22's horny, homemade videos on Xtube. 

Seriously, even their 'worst' efforts are far hornier than 99% of everything else on XTube, or the internet itself for that matter. I'll be the first to admit that this post reads like I'm edging my tits-off... AND FOR DAMN GOOD REASON!!! Just about every time I stumble upon their videos puts me in a ferociously HORNY state-of-mind in which I'm left with no other option than to pull my cock out and rub one out.

10 October 2010

Edger: Breaking boy at Sunrise

Xtube's still pumpin' 'em out... authentic vids featuring REAL MEN fucking REAL MEN... Rough, REAL and RAW.

Guys Next Door (fucking/filming their trade between buildings)

Next door neighbours throw all inhibitions out the window... just couldn't wait until they got inside to pull their cocks out to nail their trade on their way home from the dance party last weekend. With one cock buried deep up their trade's ass and the other quick to capture his horny bf's spontaneous fuck on his mobile phone. Very, VERY HORNY stuff!

06 October 2010

'Sarge' cum-pilation 2010

While edging on Xtube last week 
I came across this hyper-masculine,thickly hung, 'Daddy' archetype/exhibitionist...

Horny, cheeky, cock-proud Alpha Male...
Masculine as fuck,effortlessly demonstrates  
how a REAL MAN handles his own cock.

For the time-being, I call him 'Sarge'...

Fuck YEAAAAA..!!! 



04 October 2010

Q&A w/'letmeworshipit' (posted to his blog, 'Oral Cock Worship')

To: letmeworshipit 

Re: briefs

mybulge_2.JPGSwear to God you've got my number with this post. It reminded me of a similar thread I responded to on RealJock.com...fkn luv stumbling upon another blogger having a near identical perspective about sex, etc as I...you and me...two sides of the same cum rag...or as my bf would say, "It's like, one mind". Tried to post as comment to your original post but was informed it was 'too big'...gotta say I never mind hearing that, regardless of the context...fkn LOL for real.

Cheers mate...your blog continues to blow me away!

Q: First guy you ever saw in tighty-whiteys, and nothing else?

alphatop7_CKbulge_2.jpgI'm the youngest of seven and have four older brothers who are 6, 8, 10 and 17 yrs older than me. My earliest memories are sexual in nature as my brothers were all-around jocks and had many friends...suffice it to say I was exposed to every imaginable homoerotic scenario from a very young age...I digress...

I cannot recall a time when I WASN'T fascinated, captivated or preoccupied with men's bulges, and particularly so in tighty-whiteys. As other members have mentioned (repeatedly), our generation is probably the last generation in which white cotton briefs (FOTL, Hanes and BVDs) were very much the ONLY acceptable underwear for any boy growing up in the US. As such, it's no wonder how/where/when/why I developed such a strong sexual association with/for tighty-whiteys.

Consider this…my brothers were All-state athletes in football, basketball, track and baseball. Invariably, they spent almost every Friday night or Saturday morning playing ball. They were best mates, 1 ½ years between ‘em and 6 and 8 years older than me respectively. I was just a baby, 9-13 years old during their high-school years. For whatever reason, our house was ‘the boys’ crash pad following the Friday night game. There was always at least 2 other guys staying over and as many as 6 to 8 guys crashing at our place, NOT including my brothers.

To a VERY curious little boy, these high school juniors (year 11) and seniors (year 12) were, for all intents and purposes, MEN. Most of the guys’ ethnic backgrounds were of Latino descent and their dark hair was a major turn on for me, especially the few who developed earlier to the point of having slightly hairy chests leading to that magic man-spot, their treasure-trails, unclipped or tampered with.

Image39[1].jpgFor around 4 years I had wall-to-wall jocks parading around our home almost every Saturday morning. I usually parked myself in front of the television to watch Saturday cartoons, and also perfect crotch-level to the bouncing bulges around me. I vividly recall being so aroused by how uninhibited they were to go most of the morning, seemingly without concern or need to cover up with pants…each and every one of them touching their cocks, both over and inside their shorts, sometimes both. I got to really savour the subtleties of VPL (visible penis lines), pubic hair and the first time I’d ever seen a grown man’s erect and semi-erect cock, usually through the gap created between his package and quads, as he groped his meat from inside his shorts. I loved catching sight of piss stains but then about died when I saw wet pre-cum stains right where their cockheads hung…guys that pointed their cocks north ALWAYS showed Precum stains…again, without the slightest hint of self-consciousness (as we know it today).

To boot, I clearly recall dry-humping the "Men's Underwear" pages from Montgomery Ward/Sears catalogues...often studying every detail, every contour of their packages, fascinated by their outlined cockheads...again, this predates all of the International Male crap...forget colours, thongs or boxer-briefs. You got white cotton briefs with only one other decision to make…size/fit. It's no wonder I'm so biased in regards to 'acceptable' men's underwear and have such limited tolerance for anything other than form-fitting white cotton briefs.
To answer the question, my brother(s) were the first, however...

Q: How much bulge do you show?

r.jpgHow'd I overlook this thread all this time?!? Was probably lookin' down adjusting my package...

Suppose the question's a no-brainer for me given my profile/screen name: biggguysbulge (RJ/Xtube).

At the risk of sounding completely full on myself, I show a nice package in almost anything I wear, especially speedos, briefs, 501s and khakis.

I do show a nice bulge primarily because I have a downward curved cock that rests comfortably on a very ample set of balls...of course, when I'm aroused, even slightly, my semi pushes against my briefs...when hard, impossible (and often uncomfortable) to hide...all in all, I'm a pretty lucky dude.

Fully admit that I've had a 'thing' for guys' crotches/bulges/packages from an early, EARLY age and remember being mesmerized by the SEARS catalogue underwear models/pictures...years later would jack-off to the International Male men’s bulges...etc...

To this day, NOTHING, and I do mean NOTHING is more erotic to me than a man sportin' a nice, full bulge in form-fitting tighty-whiteys...WOOF!!!

03 October 2010

Repost: Girth Brooks (improved quality)

Video cum-pilation & personal tribute to 
my favourite adult film performer (this month... ;-)

Perpetually str8, horny and HARD, 
Girth Brooks.

Straight, married, hung...  
unapologetically cock-centric  
heterosexual/hypersexual exhibitionist, 
just doin' what cums naturally.

02 October 2010

Str8 Obsession - Girth Brooks

Upon clearing the history and cache on my PC, 
I noticed that I have been accessing my 
Girth Brooks video files (at least) four times more
than the all others over the past month. 
Dunno what it is about him, 
but Girth Brooks makes me bone hard 
and has become my 'go-to' porn 
when I need or want to get off!

Check him out here in his first guy-on-guy porn action. 
'Booty Call'