23 June 2010

Bareback Packers

14 June 2010

Johnny Hazzard - Moving Into Light

(Go on...try NOT to smile...)

This clip puts a smile on my face EVERY TIME... makes me feel ALIVE and incredibly GRATEFUL... to have lived through one of the darkest periods of time, only to come-out the other end to experience gay men celebrating life again... openly, honestly and unapologetically.

This video reflects the deep appreciation I will always feel towards gay men who had the heart, balls and courage to live their lives by their own rules, to dance their hot fkn asses off, even in the face of adversity. 
To me, this video clip embodies that energy...
to that end, hats-off to adult-film model and MAJOR hottie, 

Keily Williams - Spectacular

Keily Williams, former CHEETAH GIRLS, has sent a shock heard 'round the world with her debut solo single, 'SPECTACULAR'

13 June 2010

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition

My favourite song/video of 2010 (so far...)

12 June 2010

Peto Coast: 3 cocksuckers...1 Killer Cock

NOTICE the life-sized photo poster,
strategically placed directly behind 

That's how fkn BIG this man has become.
This 'venue' rolled-out the 
'cum-soaked' red carpet for PETO,
leaving him with nothing else to do except  
wiggle his index finger in the direction
of either of the other two hungry cocksuckers, 
waiting impatiently just off to the side, 
until he gives 'em the cue,
when he decides it's time for a change,
for his cock and balls 
to be serviced, worshiped and reverred
by an eager, fresh mouth.

By the end, PETO delivers  
for all the three little cum-hungry pigs to share.

02 June 2010

Squirt.com's 'Cocktales - Part 3'

Produced by
Squirt.org 'Cocktales - Part 3'
'Cocktales - Part 3' Squirt.org

Str8 Raw Jocks

What do you guys reckon...???
Are these boys... 'str8 4 pay'... closet cases... bi (on their way to gay)... or undeniably gay?

01 June 2010