29 January 2012

28 January 2012

"The Itch" by Johnny Miles...Top stud's 180 degree turn...(non-fiction)

Another priceless gem from my non-fiction vaults...

"Every once in a while, a guy just has to do something different or he'll go nuts! Some guys join a gym, others dye their hair or get a different cut. Others change their wardrobe. But none of that appealed to me. I already had a good build so the gym wasn't necessary; genetics and the right job maintained my muscle tone. I'm not exactly a wardrobe kinda guy. Faded jeans and tee-shirts generally do it for me; unless I'm out on the town carousing. Then it's leather. And as for hair, well, I keep my head buzzed, so a new style or hair colour was definitely out! This had to be something totally opposite from anything I'd ever done before; something that would shake me to the core of my very being. I just didn't quite know what would do it for me..."

To download the complete file of this TOP stud's sexual-180 click...
 "The Itch" by Johnny Miles

JOBuddy's Questionnaire (complete w/video and pics)


Hyper-horny j/o, edging and bator content, as well as members' completed J/O questionnaires, pics and vids, including my own. 

I included a self-made webcam video, captured whilst completing THIS very questionnaire...which I now highly recommend, that is, if you've already been unable to keep your hand(s) away from your cock as you complete your own J/O questionnaire.

~ ~ ~


Added a JO QUIZ page earlier today with a questionnaire about jacking off just for fun. A reader suggested that I make it so that you guys could fill it out instead of messin with cut and paste.

Great idea - so I did. Just click the "Click here tofill out the Questionnaire" button on this post or on the JO QUIZ page and you're ready to go.

You've probably seen these things before but I think they're interesting and kinda hot to read. Answers can be quick and simple or more detailed. The more detailed they are the harder my cock gets.

You've probably seen these things before but I think they're interesting and kinda hot to read. Answers can be quick and simple or more detailed. The more detailed they are the harder my cock gets.

If you would like to complete the questionnaire but want to keep it private or share it just with your friends, a list of the questions is provided on the JO QUIZ page.

You can see Jack's questionnaire on the ABOUT JACK page.

 alphatop's  J/O Quiz

1. How many times a day r week do you jack off?

I  jack-off 1 -2 X daily, which is a bit misleading considering I prefer extended, j/o, edging 'sessions' lasting several hours, if not more...

2. Do you use your right or left hand?  

For a quick wank...right. When edging, on-cam, showin'-off and/or watching porn...70% left, 30% right...alternating...finish myself off using my left.

3. Have you ever jacked off with a friend (or friends)?  


4. Have you ever jacked another dude off?  

You bet

5. Have you ever tasted your own cum?  

Who hasn't ?!?

6. Do you ever have wet dreams?  

I've had 2 wet-dreams in my entire life, when I was 13 yo and 39 yo...BRILLIANT, PURE and entirely gratifying...

36. Who would you most want to see jack off?  

Daniel Craig

37. What kind of underwear do you wear?  

CK classic white briefs

38. Do you pull just your cock out when takin a leak, or all your junk.  


39. Where (or what scenario) haven't you jerked off that you would like to?

Want 3 cocksuckers kneeling in a semi-circle formation, kneeling in front of me (see Peto Coast vid), submissively and attentively fixated on my crotch, growing bulge, big throbbing cock jacking-off...

40. Did your dick get hard while you were filling out this questionnaire? If so, did you stroke it while filling it out?  

Totally throbbing...loving how fkn big my cock is right now...letting it breath...and throb at will...yet haven't touched it once.


I fkn luv cock-talk...luv it, luv it, luv it !!!!

Here's my video...

22 January 2012

Introducing...S.African HUNG Alpha Male...


Dude Nude profile id: 909191

26 y/o
cock-proud, HUNG, exhibitionist
Johannesburg, South Africa


build: Average
height: 1.93m (6' 4")
weight: 94Kg (207lb)
body hair: Some Hair
facial hair: Stubble
ethnicity: Caucasian
tattoos: One

cock size: Large
his cock is: Uncut

preferred role: Top
practice safer sex: Always
interests: Underwear, Muscle worship, 
Webcam, Role play, Leather, Sportswear

travel: 20 Jan 2012 - 21 Jan 2012, South Africa

Genuine man's man, dominant, cocky 
and ruthlessly discerning...
more inclined to hang-out alone, 
enjoying his monster cock 
than risk slumming-it 
with forgettable or regrettable trade.

This stud definitely know his worth.

This man is cock-centric, cock-proud 
and an ever-evolving, skilled exhibitionist.

Need I say more?!?!

In his own words... 

Love rimming a great ass. 
All the more if the guy is in leather chaps.
Feel free to send me a message guys, 
I TRY to respond to each and every one. 

Thanx to the guys 
that have sent me HOT fantasy stories, 
greatly appreciated.
Want to be cruised in a public bathroom, 
then motioned into a cubicle 
for some real cock fun...

Any traffic cops wanna pull me over?
I have a HOT fantasy involving an executive, his office, my interview, showing how much I want the job, suits, ties, cocks sticking out of fitted trousers...”

Check-out this ALPHA MALE's video...
showin-off,  workin' his killer meat,
strokin' that FUCK ROD for all to enjoy.

* * *
 * * *
  If that wasn't enough for you greedy fkrs,
I requested real time pics of his massive cock,
showin' significant bulge 
in his horny mesh/leather briefs,
semi-hard, precuming and growing,
during our most recent IM chats.

 * * *

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19 January 2012

Flesh and Jack...Fuckin' the FleshJack (video)

Fuckin' the FleshJack

...the video

12 January 2012

'SUPERFUCK' (full-on FUCK video)

 the video...

'What Makes My Dick Hard' (updated post)

  ~ For the 'RM' blog newbies ~ 

Updated from original post 28 October 2011

'What Makes My Dick Hard'

I am keenly aware of
what makes my own cock hard.

Admittedly, I love my cock, in every way and in every state. That said, I haven’t always been this secure and confident about my dick. I developed a healthy sexual self-esteem in spite of the fact that I didn’t have a clue what other guys REALLY thought about it.  

How could I...or they...given my 'inclination' to dive head-first lay face-down, back arched with my smooth, sweet ass in the air, my cock barely got a look-in. If anything, my older brothers and Dad (see post) are all very well-hung and matured at young ages. By comparison, I grew-up believing my cock was insignificant. By default AND by desire, I resigned myself to bottoming for nearly six or seven years after coming-out...and I fkn loved it!

Then, I moved to SF when I was 24...and my sexual identity got a very unexpected overhaul. Fuck after fuck, man after man after man wanted MY COCK...wanted me FUCK them up the ass, dominate them...'they' pretty much decided for me, eliminating my options, clearing the way for me to take my rightful place...on TOP.  

And just like that, bottoming was soon my past time and I never looked back...not once. How could I? In addition to my growing ego, my cock was in high demand and there was way too much tail on offer for me to even give it a thought, fully aware I had matured into a total TOP...best of all, I was becoming the TOP I always hoped to meet as a bottom...older, more secure, sexually confident and increasingly masculine...or so I have been told ;)

I'm not that complicated but rather self-aware...know what I like, y' know...I'm a total sucker for the more reserved, boy-next-door types, particularly once the clothes come off and that mouth opens up to feed on my cock, transforming him into the insatiable cock-sucking bottom he has always dreamed of being (see pic of my all-time favourite, well-trained cock-lovin' boy!).

I’m a very patient man, a good-natured introvert with an easy smile, hearty laugh and naturally very masculine. I have almost no body hair, except for a bit under my arms, around my nips, treasure trail to my package, up the crack of my ass and all the way down my legs. Now 45, I regard myself as sexy and handsome, fit and sexually obsessed.

I’m a selfish Top. Bare in mind the very thing that fuels my sense of entitlement is that 'thing', when it all fuckin' works. For very selfish reasons, I always take time to learn about my sex partners’ fantasies, drives, experiences, limits, etc...that level of dialogue makes me hard instantly...luv hearing them talk shit, gettin' dirtier and dirtier, more relaxed... then gradually leading him to divulge his most intimate and secretive sexual fantasies - the darkest, dirtiest sexual scenarios that have gotten him off countless times, yet remain unknown to any other man, until now. And, on the rare occasion when the “right’’ boy comes along, I boast of my own, often realizing it all at once.

For over a decade, almost every boy and man I’ve fucked referred to me as either "TOP", “Sir” or “Daddy”...unsolicited, at least initially. For this other very intimate reasons,  I take tremendous pride and pleasure “training” these sexually adventurous novices 'boys' in particular, though am always keen to guide another willing Top into submission then create an experience in which he can let go of what he knows, doesn’t know, should and shouldn’t do, allowing himself to be led so that he can abandon all thought, knowing he’ll be safe under my guidance. Like I said, I'm a patient man.
(click on pic for full-size gif)

Collectively, my profiles' stats, details, pics, vids AND blog leave little to the imagination - that is, if your cock has motivated you to exploreit's all there, and if you're curious and want to know something else, grow a pair and just ask. 

I fuck the way I live my life, within clearly defined boundaries...mine...and my fuck bud. To be clear, I AM A TOP, fkn LOVE, LOVE, LOVE self-identified BOTTOMS...I do not NEED to define sexual roles to fuck, I JUST PREFER to fuck men who share this sexual mindset, surrendering to their most uninhibited desires...and then just GO FOR IT!

When it’s working, I can kick back for hours and just have him service me and my cock while I have a hit off a joint. That’s when I feel most powerful and confident. I’ll take my time, occasionally thrusting forward, humping his mouth to let him know I'm payin' attention.

 All this time he’s only allowed to respond in 1 of 2 ways: 
“Sir, Yes Sir.” 
“Sir. Thank You, Sir.”

With the exception of his ‘safe’ word, he is limited to either of these 2 options. Why?  In THAT mode, I do not respond to anything else. Limiting his 'actions' and 'access' get him focused and lay the foundation of 'trust'...by now, what's on offer should be a foregone conclusion. From this point, anything and everything that boy needs can be addressed using these 2 statements.

If he slips up, I let him know how to do it differently but then remind him that the next time will find my strong hand firmly smacking his backside...

If you remember only one thing about me...

Getting head is the most beautiful and generous 
thing in the world to me.

I never feel MORE like a man than when another man is kneeling or laying between my meaty legs, worshiping my crotch, unveiling my cock, kissing it, licking it, revering it, awaiting my cue as permission to inhale my cock and begin feasting on it, grateful for its size and power, tirelessly stroking and sucking on it, objectifying it while shamelessly declaring my cock's superiority among ALL MEN, forsaking all other cock, before or presently, without hesitation, hopeful to extract my load for him and him alone.

Well past swallowing my final seed, his mouth holds on to my cock as it softens, releasing my meat only after I’ve said so – though almost none of them want to let go, that is until I place my foot right on his chest and shove him to the floor as I stand up and walk over him to go have a piss...

Despite having experienced this countless times in the flesh, this remains the most common fantasy I have TO THIS DAY...strokin' and pumping my dick to feel that rage in my groin, shooting creamy juice all over my fist, alternating with my usual 3-4 mini-geysers that land on my stomach and around my pubes...

Updated from original post 28 October 2011

'Been Nailed or Nailed a Porn Star' (forum thread)

Posted from rawtop's

Breeding Zone

~ ~ ~

Been Nailed or Nailed a Porn Star

Due to my sexual defiance I am curious how many men have either been nailed or have nailed a porn star?

In all honesty I've nailed two- both of which are huge bottoms. I will confess that they are as good in the sack as the appear on screen. I suppose the catch 22 here is I used condom.

 my response...

Been Nailed or Nailed a Porn Star

Marcus Iron...Bf and I had MAJOR, FULL-ON pnp full-day session with him...angelic but fucks like the devil, or in my case, sucked my cock ferociously, intuitively...masculine, hungry uninhibited bottom. Sexually intense, passionate kisser, beauty of GOD, naturally hung and MASCULINE in every possible way...Def check-out more recent T.I.M. material in which he's a featured glory hole cocksucker!
Chris Rock...Bf and I hit Steamworks after working-out on a random Thurs afternoon...totally unplanned, we hooked-up w/this "really cute, boy-next door, midwest hottie" (as my bf described him)...sucked me-off on route back into SF, over Bay Bridge, all the way into the Castro...then we fucked him for 2 days solid...this man LOVES TO FUCK! Check-out 'Deception' (FVP) in which Aiden Shaw completely OWNS this bottom!
Chase Hunter...New to SF (just 24 yo), my new flatmate invites me to cocktail party, 'work' he says...didn't mention he was the photographer for Falcon Studios (hmmm...)...met Chase, instant chemistry only he was married...hrs later, hit the club, downed some 'happy'...all over each other EVERYWHERE, head back to his hotel...down on my knees, exing our tits off, being facefucked by THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COCK I HAVE EVER SUCKED...and had the pleasure of being ripped apart by...full fkn load buried in me, phone rings...bf...kicks me out faster than it took to get me on my knees...100% true. Check-out Basic Plumbing 3 or Download to experience his true TOP essence.

10 January 2012

Horny Spunks Bareback (video compilation)

Count 'em...


4 Full-on FUCKS !!!

07 January 2012

The Fulcrum from 'A Breeder's Journal'

I fully acknowledge that I may be repeating myself in reference to my mate, 'The Breeder' in posting that this is one of my All-time FAVOURITES from his blog, 'A Breeder's Journal'.

This particular piece of non-fiction has significant resonance for me. 

I applaud this man for his narrative skills, personal insight and understated courage as a writer, a sexual adventurist and as a man.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"...It was 1987, and I’d just moved to the Midwest for school. I was totally on my own, in my own apartment, supporting myself on a full fellowship and through little odd teaching jobs here and there. It was a heady time of independence. If I wanted to date, I could, without questions from roommates or friends or parents. If I wanted to have someone spend the night, all I had to do was ask. I controlled my meals, my finances, my time.

And I didn’t know it, but it was a time in my sexual life when everything would start to swing around and change. The fulcrum around which everything pivoted was the man behind that number. I just didn’t know how much my life would change, when I called.

He gave me a street number to visit the next night, at seven in the evening. I barely knew my way around town, and drove past his place three times without realizing. I’d been looking for an apartment or a house among the tiny little storefronts on that busy east side street, but he’d given me the address of a florist’s shop. As I parked my car, I was slightly leery of that. In my youthful ignorance, I pictured florists as the most stereotypical of all the so-called gay professions. My mind was already imagining some lisping, mincing Charles Nelson Reilly of a queen, complete with a periwinkle-patterned shirt open to the navel. I was a fool. The guy waiting inside was short, trim and muscled, and thoroughly masculine. He was perhaps in his late thirties or early forties. When I stepped in, his blue eyes twinkled and he smiled. “You are a tall one, son,” he said, looking pleased. “Shut the door.” When I followed his instructions, he added, “Now lock it. Come on.”..."

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My comment posted to his blog...
December 9, 2011 5:40 PM

"SIR said...
I feel ya...my GAWDDD mate, I feel ya! My heart's pounding, my cock's throbbing and my mind's racing. In addition to capturing such a significant experience with brilliant clarity, you've managed to put 'my sexual evolution' right in front of me, as I identified with your 'bottom era' and was, like you, so immersed in the sex to even consider myself as a 'TOP' thus resuming my role as 'the bottom'. I had assumed my cock was incidental until that momentous fuck in which there was no denying what the look on that 'bottom's" face and in his eyes, "Yea Daddy. Yes Sir. Oh yeaaa Daddy. Fuck me please...please..." From that point on, I've never looked back. I believed him.

Thank you mate, for taking me back there through your inspiring writing...I just cannot emphasize the contribution you make to the gay/bi, msm world...intelligent, integrity, intuition and the horniest sexual appetites coupled with the warmth of 'that florist's hole'... ;-)

Seriously mate...Cheers for this one!!!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

'Take A Moment' video slide show

Music by
Armin Van Buuren


from "MIRAGE"

01 January 2012


...is insanely beautiful 
especially when subtle and organic.

...is uncomplicated, uncensored 
and impossibly unassuming.



Reminding all you horny men 

to keep your eye on the prize but
fuck someone the same way you were fucked*
set aside a 2-hour block every week 
exclusively to jack-off.

Just go for it,
explore the depths of your own 
raw masculine energy...
starting NOW!!!

Be cool, kind and cock-proud...
Happy New Year 

* by the guy you refer to as the 'best fuck of your life