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28 January 2012

"The Itch" by Johnny Miles...Top stud's 180 degree turn...(non-fiction)

Another priceless gem from my non-fiction vaults...

"Every once in a while, a guy just has to do something different or he'll go nuts! Some guys join a gym, others dye their hair or get a different cut. Others change their wardrobe. But none of that appealed to me. I already had a good build so the gym wasn't necessary; genetics and the right job maintained my muscle tone. I'm not exactly a wardrobe kinda guy. Faded jeans and tee-shirts generally do it for me; unless I'm out on the town carousing. Then it's leather. And as for hair, well, I keep my head buzzed, so a new style or hair colour was definitely out! This had to be something totally opposite from anything I'd ever done before; something that would shake me to the core of my very being. I just didn't quite know what would do it for me..."

To download the complete file of this TOP stud's sexual-180 click...
 "The Itch" by Johnny Miles

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