31 October 2010

29 October 2010

'MATES' slide show

The instinctive and intimate bond between a man and his mate(s).

24 October 2010

Hurensohn 'Smoking Break'

XTube Master Exhibitionist


' RAW ' ...period.

Cocky Ball Player brings out my innermost 'Grrrrr'...

After grabbin' him by his uniform's waistband 
and shooving him down to the lockerroom floor,
  I'd spit in my palm then offer him the opportunity
to add his own spit to his personal lube.


Spit in my hand one last time... 

 Slowly rub his asshole with it 
before readying the head of my cock for entry...  


' AAA Beef ' slide show

19 October 2010

Maverick Men: The True Story Behind The Videos (THE BOOK)

You'ld have to be livin' under a rock or in internet-less closet
to have missed Xtube's VIPs of VIPs... 
I could easily ramble on and on about 
these modern-day gay porn mavericks, 
yet nothing I could put into words 
could convey the depth of lust and raw masculility of these two in action.

This is the first clip I ever saw of them...
early days and one of their first video posts.

Several years on, 
these men have evolved, respectively...
and their sexual relationship have evolved with them.

Maverickman22's horny, homemade videos on Xtube. 

Seriously, even their 'worst' efforts are far hornier than 99% of everything else on XTube, or the internet itself for that matter. I'll be the first to admit that this post reads like I'm edging my tits-off... AND FOR DAMN GOOD REASON!!! Just about every time I stumble upon their videos puts me in a ferociously HORNY state-of-mind in which I'm left with no other option than to pull my cock out and rub one out.

10 October 2010

Edger: Breaking boy at Sunrise

Xtube's still pumpin' 'em out... authentic vids featuring REAL MEN fucking REAL MEN... Rough, REAL and RAW.

Guys Next Door (fucking/filming their trade between buildings)

Next door neighbours throw all inhibitions out the window... just couldn't wait until they got inside to pull their cocks out to nail their trade on their way home from the dance party last weekend. With one cock buried deep up their trade's ass and the other quick to capture his horny bf's spontaneous fuck on his mobile phone. Very, VERY HORNY stuff!

06 October 2010

'Sarge' cum-pilation 2010

While edging on Xtube last week 
I came across this hyper-masculine,thickly hung, 'Daddy' archetype/exhibitionist...

Horny, cheeky, cock-proud Alpha Male...
Masculine as fuck,effortlessly demonstrates  
how a REAL MAN handles his own cock.

For the time-being, I call him 'Sarge'...

Fuck YEAAAAA..!!! 



04 October 2010

Q&A w/'letmeworshipit' (posted to his blog, 'Oral Cock Worship')

To: letmeworshipit 

Re: briefs

mybulge_2.JPGSwear to God you've got my number with this post. It reminded me of a similar thread I responded to on RealJock.com...fkn luv stumbling upon another blogger having a near identical perspective about sex, etc as I...you and me...two sides of the same cum rag...or as my bf would say, "It's like, one mind". Tried to post as comment to your original post but was informed it was 'too big'...gotta say I never mind hearing that, regardless of the context...fkn LOL for real.

Cheers mate...your blog continues to blow me away!

Q: First guy you ever saw in tighty-whiteys, and nothing else?

alphatop7_CKbulge_2.jpgI'm the youngest of seven and have four older brothers who are 6, 8, 10 and 17 yrs older than me. My earliest memories are sexual in nature as my brothers were all-around jocks and had many friends...suffice it to say I was exposed to every imaginable homoerotic scenario from a very young age...I digress...

I cannot recall a time when I WASN'T fascinated, captivated or preoccupied with men's bulges, and particularly so in tighty-whiteys. As other members have mentioned (repeatedly), our generation is probably the last generation in which white cotton briefs (FOTL, Hanes and BVDs) were very much the ONLY acceptable underwear for any boy growing up in the US. As such, it's no wonder how/where/when/why I developed such a strong sexual association with/for tighty-whiteys.

Consider this…my brothers were All-state athletes in football, basketball, track and baseball. Invariably, they spent almost every Friday night or Saturday morning playing ball. They were best mates, 1 ½ years between ‘em and 6 and 8 years older than me respectively. I was just a baby, 9-13 years old during their high-school years. For whatever reason, our house was ‘the boys’ crash pad following the Friday night game. There was always at least 2 other guys staying over and as many as 6 to 8 guys crashing at our place, NOT including my brothers.

To a VERY curious little boy, these high school juniors (year 11) and seniors (year 12) were, for all intents and purposes, MEN. Most of the guys’ ethnic backgrounds were of Latino descent and their dark hair was a major turn on for me, especially the few who developed earlier to the point of having slightly hairy chests leading to that magic man-spot, their treasure-trails, unclipped or tampered with.

Image39[1].jpgFor around 4 years I had wall-to-wall jocks parading around our home almost every Saturday morning. I usually parked myself in front of the television to watch Saturday cartoons, and also perfect crotch-level to the bouncing bulges around me. I vividly recall being so aroused by how uninhibited they were to go most of the morning, seemingly without concern or need to cover up with pants…each and every one of them touching their cocks, both over and inside their shorts, sometimes both. I got to really savour the subtleties of VPL (visible penis lines), pubic hair and the first time I’d ever seen a grown man’s erect and semi-erect cock, usually through the gap created between his package and quads, as he groped his meat from inside his shorts. I loved catching sight of piss stains but then about died when I saw wet pre-cum stains right where their cockheads hung…guys that pointed their cocks north ALWAYS showed Precum stains…again, without the slightest hint of self-consciousness (as we know it today).

To boot, I clearly recall dry-humping the "Men's Underwear" pages from Montgomery Ward/Sears catalogues...often studying every detail, every contour of their packages, fascinated by their outlined cockheads...again, this predates all of the International Male crap...forget colours, thongs or boxer-briefs. You got white cotton briefs with only one other decision to make…size/fit. It's no wonder I'm so biased in regards to 'acceptable' men's underwear and have such limited tolerance for anything other than form-fitting white cotton briefs.
To answer the question, my brother(s) were the first, however...

Q: How much bulge do you show?

r.jpgHow'd I overlook this thread all this time?!? Was probably lookin' down adjusting my package...

Suppose the question's a no-brainer for me given my profile/screen name: biggguysbulge (RJ/Xtube).

At the risk of sounding completely full on myself, I show a nice package in almost anything I wear, especially speedos, briefs, 501s and khakis.

I do show a nice bulge primarily because I have a downward curved cock that rests comfortably on a very ample set of balls...of course, when I'm aroused, even slightly, my semi pushes against my briefs...when hard, impossible (and often uncomfortable) to hide...all in all, I'm a pretty lucky dude.

Fully admit that I've had a 'thing' for guys' crotches/bulges/packages from an early, EARLY age and remember being mesmerized by the SEARS catalogue underwear models/pictures...years later would jack-off to the International Male men’s bulges...etc...

To this day, NOTHING, and I do mean NOTHING is more erotic to me than a man sportin' a nice, full bulge in form-fitting tighty-whiteys...WOOF!!!

03 October 2010

Repost: Girth Brooks (improved quality)

Video cum-pilation & personal tribute to 
my favourite adult film performer (this month... ;-)

Perpetually str8, horny and HARD, 
Girth Brooks.

Straight, married, hung...  
unapologetically cock-centric  
heterosexual/hypersexual exhibitionist, 
just doin' what cums naturally.

02 October 2010

Str8 Obsession - Girth Brooks

Upon clearing the history and cache on my PC, 
I noticed that I have been accessing my 
Girth Brooks video files (at least) four times more
than the all others over the past month. 
Dunno what it is about him, 
but Girth Brooks makes me bone hard 
and has become my 'go-to' porn 
when I need or want to get off!

Check him out here in his first guy-on-guy porn action. 
'Booty Call'