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Christina Aguilera "You Lost Me" (Official Music Video)
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Black Fras - Moving Into Light (feat. Johnny Hazzard)

This clip puts a smile on my face EVERY TIME...
when I watch this,
I feel ALIVE,
and incredibly grateful to have lived in a time when
gay men celebrate their lives
openly, honestly and unapologetically.

This is such an example...
yet another side of adult film model,

(Go on...try NOT to smile...)

has sent a shock
heard 'round the world
with her debut solo single,

My favourite song/video of 2010 
(so far...)

Tiƫsto - In The Dark (ft. Christian Burns)

Check out Tiesto's latest release, 
Guaranteed to get you up, out of your seat and dancin' your ass off...
Complements just about any poof's ambience, especially long, dirty fuck sessions.


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