20 July 2011

'XY' Factor


19 July 2011

Next Door Hookups - STR8 Buds Tag Team

The only issue I have with posting this clip 
is that it's only a short preview...
but well worth it.
My apologies in advance...
to you and your cocks ;-)

4-Pack (bb video compilation)

Four full-on, uninhibited, HORNY-As, bareback clips...
joined into one file (compilation)
for your edging and jacking pleasure...
The video...

15 July 2011

T.I.M. 'Str8 Bonehead' - str8 GH cocksucker

This is REX...
Str8, conservative, masculine...
GH cocksucker !!!
REX isn't gay, bi or even into guys...
REX's solely interested in
sucking big, meaty, throbbin' cocks...
  REX worships cock like a pro...
his way and on his own terms...
as long as it's through a GLORY HOLE.

T.I.M. 'Bonehead #10' - GH classic

14 July 2011

'Up The Ass' slide show

'GET FuCKeD... ya fuckin' FUCK!'

...slide show

09 July 2011

Got a one-track mind lately...FUCKING!!! (gif loops)

Ya feelin' me...?!!?

"You're wel-cum..."

08 July 2011

'FUCKING 101: Pumped Full of Cock' (bb compilation)


CUMpulsory viewing 
for ALL MSM!!!
(men who have sex with men)

04 July 2011

Peto Coast Takes Charge

MachoFucker has the 'TOP MEN' market cornered...
in a VERY BIG way...

Meet mega-hung, fuck-machine,
Peto Coast.

03 July 2011

'Proud Bator'...My new horny obsession...

This boy drives me absofuckinglutely NUTZ ... 

if you haven't already, 
do yourself AND YOUR COCK a big, fkn favour 
and check his blog out NOW!

“Be my guest and follow my visual manhood adventures while I go from a clumsy skinny twink to a mature cum factory. if you thought my blogs were groovy, you haven’t seen anything yet.” 


02 July 2011

Girth Brooks' 'Heavily Hung'

UBER-sexy, heavily-hung
(Gay4pay) str8 stud...

Girth Brooks

Kieran Hung Horny Top

There are very few TOP men I fantasize about.

But when I do fantasize about sucking cock 
or double-teaming a horny bottom,

these are the TOPS I DO fantasize about...
Brad McGuire, 
Girth Brooks,
Brock Masters, 
 Peto Coast...
and this ready-to-fuck stud,