01 November 2009

'Plunge' (Falcon Video 1984)

***** #4 *****
Top TEN Classic Porn Scenes (pre-condom) 'Plunge' (Falcon Video 1989) http://www.tlavideo.com/product/3-0-114661_plunge.html?sn=3628

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AngusMac said...

When I first saw this video, around 1990, it made me weep with joy at the sheer magnificence of these three boys. They are just so much my imago of young manhood; beautiful looks, athletic, muscled and proudly sporting their superbly circumcised cocks. how I drooled with envy at that bottom, who I would have given ten years off my life to trade places with. It's a shame though that their delicious semen goes to waste and he doesn't lap up every drop as I always do!