21 September 2011

'Legendary Alpha Bator'...Bondard33

"Your cock is LEGEND!" 
 (alphatop to Bondard33)

 "I like stroking a long time... 
Popperbating, edging... exhibitionist!!! 
Pumping too!  It's so good! 
Big dicks and balls make me horny and crazy!! 
But, I like all dicks lol... A great body is welcome! 
But the most important : only good baters!"
(With permission, re-posted from Bateworld.com)

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46 years old
Bordeaux, France

Sexual Orientation: Bi
Cock Size: Monster
Cut or Uncut: Uncut
Body Type: Muscular
Body Hair: Shaved
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on Bateworld : Bondard33
on oovoo : Bondard33
on yahoo : sagesse33
on skype : philosophe33
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Skype ~
[2:07:36 AM] philosophe33: i'm here
[2:07:42 AM] Sir.: heya mate
[2:11:48 AM] Sir.: fuck...fuck...fuck...
[2:11:53 AM] Sir.: fuckkkkkkkkkk
[2:12:47 AM] Sir.: you THE MAN
[2:12:53 AM] Sir.: that cock IS LIFE
[2:12:53 AM] philosophe33: yeah
[2:13:02 AM] philosophe33: feel so good
[2:13:51 AM] Sir.: what do you like to be called...'man', 'dude' 'Sir', 'Daddy'...what?
[2:13:55 AM] Sir.: say it!
[2:14:03 AM] Sir.: fuck
[2:14:07 AM] philosophe33: dude
[2:14:51 AM] Sir.: fuck yea dude...u always known your cock was so fkn huge?
[2:15:17 AM] Sir.: showin off gym showers ? urinals?
[2:15:21 AM] philosophe33: yep and others said me
[2:15:46 AM] Sir.: who was the first to actually tell you?
[2:16:29 AM] philosophe33: my best friend at the rugby showers!
[2:16:50 AM] Sir.: you just got even fkn HOTTER
[2:17:22 AM] Sir.: fkn A dude...your cock is LEGEND
[2:18:01 AM] Sir.: who was its last fortunate recepient?
[2:18:54 AM] philosophe33: the mouth of a dude at gym shower
[2:20:01 AM] Sir.: you FKN killin' me here mate...
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A. Hunter said...

GREAT post Sir!
This is the kind of Alphas we need...