25 October 2009

'Big Guns' (William Higgins/Catalina 1986)

***** #8 ***** Top TEN Classic Porn Scenes (pre-condom) 'Big Guns' (William Higgins/Catalina 1986) http://www.hisxpress.com/big-guns-dvd.html

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psychoticthrob said...

A thousand thankyous for posting this scene. Along with John Davenport's cell fuck in Powertool, this scene defines my experience of porn during my formative years. But while it was the sight of Davenport fuckin "faggot" ass that sent the nutlust twitching through my prick in Powertool, it's Chris Gray I can't take my eyes off in this scene. He just oozes submission in a sensual, sexy way - I couldn't count the number of times I've dumped my muck to this one over the years.

It has a fond place in my heart.

Thanks again.