01 September 2011

Featuring...A Breeder's Journal: More Trade

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After reading one of 'The Breeder's' recent posts, 
I felt compelled to feature the artist,
AKA: Mr. Steed,
and his personally revealing, multi-dimensional, 
sexually uncompromising, erotic blog.
I've included his Xtube profile as a bonus...
as if pics of his massive cock aren't enough!??!

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THE blog...
A Breeder's Journal
"Some basic facts: I'm married. I'm in my mid-to-late forties. I'm a good-looking, professional, well-adjusted dad who enjoys anonymous encounters, public sex, and pursuing my favorite hobby of fucking. Anything beyond those statements that you don't find in the pages of this blog is an assumption. You know what they say about assumptions."
This is a personal favourite of mine...
Check it out and let MrSteed know that alphatop sent ya...

A Breeder's Journal: More Trade: "You want to see a picture of my wife?" His question's timing was odd. I was in the back of his van with my pants around my ankles, dick i...


Friendly Bi Top

"If you saw me walking down the street, you"d assume I was a good-looking, professional, well-adjusted married dad in his mid-forties. If you saw me in the bathhouse, or spreading my knees under a men"s room stall partition, or stroking my dick in a public park, or working over holes at a group fuck, you"d assume I was a total full-time sleaze. You"d be right on all counts."

A Breeder's Journal


The Breeder said...

Aw, sir. You're very kind.

I do feel compelled to point out that the guy in the bikini in front of the vertical blinds isn't me, though. If only!

Anonymous said...

That a beautiful receptive man cunt waiting patiently to be filled by the red hot throbbing phallus almost at the verge of explosion to seal the hole w/ creamy tasty delicious cum.

Bong Bator said...

You're still a hot man. Hopefully my day will come to experience you ;-)