09 November 2009

'Best of Colt 1 & 2' (Colt Studios 1980)

***** #2 *****
Top TEN Classic Porn Scenes (pre-condom) 'Best of Colt 1 & 2' Killer & Butch (Colt Studios 1980) http://www.coltstudiogroup.com/scene.php?clip_id=16146

06 November 2009

'Powertool' (Catalina Video 1986)

***** #3 *****
Top TEN Classic Porn Scenes (pre-condom) 'Powertool' (Catalina Video 1986) http://www.radvideo.com/details/CT03/POWERTOOL+-+20TH+ANIVERSARY+EDITION/Catalina/Doc

01 November 2009

'Plunge' (Falcon Video 1984)

***** #4 *****
Top TEN Classic Porn Scenes (pre-condom) 'Plunge' (Falcon Video 1989) http://www.tlavideo.com/product/3-0-114661_plunge.html?sn=3628

31 October 2009

'A Matter of Size' (HUGE Video 1983)

***** #5 *****
Top TEN Classic Porn Scenes (pre-condom) 'A Matter of Size' (HUGE Video 1983) http://www.radvideo.com/details/MS06/A+MATTER+OF+SIZE/Huge+Video/Richard+Trophy

'Sizing Up' (Matt Sterling/Huge 1983)

***** #6 *****
Top TEN Classic Porn Scenes (pre-condom) 'Sizing Up' (Matt Sterling/Huge Video 1983) http://www.hisxpress.com/sizing-up-dvd.html

30 October 2009

'In Hot Pursuit' (Catalina/Inches Video 1986)

***** #7 *****
Top TEN Classic Porn Scenes (pre-condom) 'In Hot Pusuit' (Catalina/Inches Video 1986) http://www.hisxpress.com/in-hot-pursuit-dvd.html

25 October 2009

'Big Guns' (William Higgins/Catalina 1986)

***** #8 ***** Top TEN Classic Porn Scenes (pre-condom) 'Big Guns' (William Higgins/Catalina 1986) http://www.hisxpress.com/big-guns-dvd.html

24 October 2009

'Hayride' (FVP 1980)

***** #9 *****

Top TEN  
Classic Porn Scenes
(FVP 1980)


21 October 2009

'Pleasure Beach' (HIS Video 1984)

***** #10 *****

Top TEN 
Classic Porn Scenes (pre-condom)

'Pleasure Beach'
  (HIS Video 1984)

PB is literally THE FIRST PORN VIDEO I ever laid my eyes on. I remember being so fkn nervous about renting porn, much less GAY PORN...it was my first year at uni, 1984. I had absolutely NO clue, not the faintest idea as to how to complement my horny mood, basing my choice entirely on the cover, featuring the TOP in this clip. Two decades on and I can say with confidence that I still get-off watching this vintage clip !!! There's such rawness to it...REAL FKN SEX...back in the day when Sunday afternoon were spent cruisin' for a good fuck at the pub, JUST LIKE the boys in this clip. No fkn bullshit about roles. This TOP's on a self-serving mission, undeniably taking control and giving this hungry bottom EXACTLY what he needs. Special note of interest: I have always been very partial to both the visual and the act of fucking face-down, both as a TOP (13+ years) and also when I used to bottom (12+ years). I'm quite certain this video was very influential in my sexual conditioning and development...and most importantly, is among the top 10 (or so) porn vids to get me off...I tip my hat to this clip for the hundreds of loads I've blown while watchin' it or fantasizing about fucking (either) of these fkrs for the past 20+ years!!!  


15 October 2009

03 October 2009

26 September 2009


Treasure Island Media
UBER cocksucking bottom.

Christian blows all the competition away 
 with his innate cocksucking hunger  
and submissive bottoming skill.


19 September 2009

XTube Stud's Video Dedication

After a game of rugby with the boys and before a shower; me just tak'n a piss and bust'n a nut while still wearing my filthy, sweaty jockstrap! posted by Xtube member: Genxtr67_1-0

Hung Spunks Show Their Stuff

These young spunks are already more than a 'handful'... no doubt they'll be 10X hotter in a few more years. Can't help but wish (fantasize) they'd have turned over or around, shown-off their creamy-white bubble-butts...

08 September 2009

03 September 2009

Head by and for REAL MEN

Watch 'em fkn GO AT IT...
Now get that cock out 
and just fkn wank...
as a 'token' of your appreciation.


Dressed to FUCK

Edging Exhibitionists

28 August 2009

Daddy's Bone

Treasure Island Media

Serious COCK

40 YO Fucks 19 yo

TIM - Christian 24 Cocks in 24 Hrs

Treasure Island Media starring UBER bottom/cocksucker Christian 24 Cocks in 24 Hours "Confession" (Scene 5)

09 August 2009


Sonny Bill Williams

Sonny Bill Williams Aussie Alpha Male A genuine 'man's man'... Every woman wants to marry him... Every little boy wants to grow up to be like him... and Every (other) man wants to be his best mate... FUCK HIM... or both!!! That would be ME! ;- )```

01 August 2009

Cock Worship

Deep Seed

31 July 2009

Pushy Bottoms