26 September 2010

'HOT RODS' slide show

Man's Best Friend

I received an email from an old high-school buddy last week. 

After a number of correspondences, he finally mustered-up the courage to ask, "So, you still totally obsessed with getting head (lol)?"

I replied, "(LOL???) ...long answer, 'Absofuckinglutely'...short answer '...among other things' !"

" Such as?"  he asked. 

Rather than indulge this VERY, VERY straight buddy in a conversation that would invariably go nowhere, I decided to nip it in the bud and send him this clip...and haven't heard back from him since!

I, on the other hand (pardon the pun), have taken the liberty and indulged myself at least a half-dozen times...ahhhh...

Now this is a man who know how to handle himself. 

This one's for you , Leon...you big pussy!

New to me..."GUYSLIKEME"

If 'new' to you too, this horny 'bi' dude's blog is definitely worth the time and effort.
Guys Like Me

"For married men exploring their sexual interests in guys"  

Excerpt from recent 'GUYSLIKEME' blog post:

Zing zing. You have mail...
On day one of posting, my ad drew hits from five men with “Hi” or more. Within the first ten days despite the very low probability of any fish in this tiny pond interested in swimming around with me, I had some dozen positive interactions with a few guys back and forth, went to the level of unlocking the provocative pictures with some as they did too, and there was mutual interest still with four men. Two weeks ago I had set up three different meetings with men and by the fluke of everyone’s schedules including my own, all three occurred in the same week, including two on the same day..."

24 September 2010

Handyman at Home

Some days the unexpected occurs and it is just fun to see where it takes you. This day was one of those. I work from my home office and my two boyfriends have more traditional jobs. Typically, my day is spent buried in work on the computer mixed with duties around the house for when the guys get home from their jobs. (To get the rest of the story, click on link below the pic of cflbarebacker's bf's fat cock taken minutes before sucking him dry.)

22 September 2010

'Bulges, Baskets & Packages' slide show


"God Made (THIS) Man In His Image"

Derrick Davenport

Man of the Year 
~ Playgirl 2006~ 

This Alpha Male embodies the essence of male beauty and

Given the opportunity,
I'd devour him, kiss him endlessly, worship his cock, 
eat his ass out, fuck him, sit on his cock, skull fuck him, 69...
 everything and anything that allowed us 
to get naked, wild and erotically intimate.

Machofucker 2010 - feat. Peto Coast

Fuck That Dick

This video should be compulsory in every cocksucker's training. 

Chemistry and dirty, horny energy, especially for 'pretty boys'...
cocksucker is 100% commited and insatiably driven, 
pulling TWO LOADS from this gorgeous dude 
within one 7 minute shoot.

Feed That Faggot

17 September 2010

Classic Gay Porn

The MEN  
who raised the bar and (ultimately) redefined 
MASCULINITY on a global scale...

and Now...

Girth Brooks' "I'm A Married Man"

Str8 Married Stud...
Girth Brooks

Gay4Pay man's man...
packin' a magnificent
MONSTER thick, veiny, 8 1/2" COCK !!!

05 September 2010

"AAA Beef" slide show (...for 'UBERSTUD')

Considering how much time I spend online chatting, cruising or jacking-off focused almost exclusively on subs/bottoms (no complaints...just sayin' is all...), from time to time I'll come across another TOP, usually another Alpha Male of like-mind/interests, including some filthy, verbal play. There are two in particular who I have developed the most intense, horny and intimate online 'thing' with...thing is, they couldn't be more different as individuals, which then lends itself to very different interactions/dynamics I maintain with either...with great enthusiasm, I might add. I haven't informed either one of my intention to reference (much less identify by name) them on this post, including just a glimpse into our mind-blowing time chatting, fantasizing, jacking-off, sharing stories, etc. Without exaggeration, either of these men would be considered 'universally handsome, UBER masculine and a 'genuine man's man'. 'UBEBSTUD9' (alias) and I have started exchanging emails w/pics of cocks we fuckin' luv and go on to explore every detail of its physical presence which ultimately leads to horny chat sessions. Long story short, I created this slide show for him, featuring a quick grab of what I consider THE MOST KILLER COCK ON THE NET. Faves and comments welcome! This is for my mate,'UBERSTUD9' in the Middle-East...fellow jacker and horny Alpha Male stud.