26 September 2010

New to me..."GUYSLIKEME"

If 'new' to you too, this horny 'bi' dude's blog is definitely worth the time and effort.
Guys Like Me

"For married men exploring their sexual interests in guys"  

Excerpt from recent 'GUYSLIKEME' blog post:

Zing zing. You have mail...
On day one of posting, my ad drew hits from five men with “Hi” or more. Within the first ten days despite the very low probability of any fish in this tiny pond interested in swimming around with me, I had some dozen positive interactions with a few guys back and forth, went to the level of unlocking the provocative pictures with some as they did too, and there was mutual interest still with four men. Two weeks ago I had set up three different meetings with men and by the fluke of everyone’s schedules including my own, all three occurred in the same week, including two on the same day..."

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