26 September 2010

Man's Best Friend

I received an email from an old high-school buddy last week. 

After a number of correspondences, he finally mustered-up the courage to ask, "So, you still totally obsessed with getting head (lol)?"

I replied, "(LOL???) ...long answer, 'Absofuckinglutely'...short answer '...among other things' !"

" Such as?"  he asked. 

Rather than indulge this VERY, VERY straight buddy in a conversation that would invariably go nowhere, I decided to nip it in the bud and send him this clip...and haven't heard back from him since!

I, on the other hand (pardon the pun), have taken the liberty and indulged myself at least a half-dozen times...ahhhh...

Now this is a man who know how to handle himself. 

This one's for you , Leon...you big pussy!


Anonymous said...

why would he even ask "such as"... if he couldn't handle whatever the response was?

maybe he's too busy jacking off to this clip to respond???

Anonymous said...

if i got this clip from a buddy I'd absolutely have to crack one off. Cool you had the balls to answer him that way