03 January 2011

Top 'TOPS'...Brad McGuire (pt. 2 of 3)

Brad McGuire...
the 'EVEREADY' of contemporary gay porn.

This mega-hung UBER TOP, ALPHA MALE stud does it all...
ranging from full-on dominant, Leather Daddy 
to groups/tag-team/double-penetration 
to the more intimate and INTENSE one-on-one action.

It's no wonder why
T.I.M. has established an 'exclusive' contract
with this man as he one of an elite handful of 
genuinely masculine, confidently hung TOP men.

 A true man's man...
unapologetically horny, cock-proud and bone-ready.
A contender to all-time best TOP (ever!)...
Best TOP of this generation.

02 January 2011

Top 'TOPS'...Girth Brooks (pt. 1 of 3)

As I reflect further upon the last three years, 
both online and off, 
 I rely on my cock to help me navigate 
through the seemingly infinite amount of porn I've amassed, 
and continues to be my best 'horny barometer'.

As such, I leave you with the first of three 
of my personal favourite TOP Men...

Hung, masculine, Alpha Male...
THE BEST 'gay4pay' straight man in the biz
with the most mesmerizing, cock in the world. 
*** 8 1/2" thick, veiny and cut ***