03 January 2011

Top 'TOPS'...Brad McGuire (pt. 2 of 3)

Brad McGuire...
the 'EVEREADY' of contemporary gay porn.

This mega-hung UBER TOP, ALPHA MALE stud does it all...
ranging from full-on dominant, Leather Daddy 
to groups/tag-team/double-penetration 
to the more intimate and INTENSE one-on-one action.

It's no wonder why
T.I.M. has established an 'exclusive' contract
with this man as he one of an elite handful of 
genuinely masculine, confidently hung TOP men.

 A true man's man...
unapologetically horny, cock-proud and bone-ready.
A contender to all-time best TOP (ever!)...
Best TOP of this generation.

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