31 March 2012

Up The Ass [video compilations]

Wanna fuck ???

 Want some more...???

Latex-n-Rubber Pig Pen [video preview]

[video preview]
 ALPHA 'Leather' FUCK

the video clip...

Big Bone'd Baters [video compilation]




...the video compilation

28 March 2012

10 rules for bottoms...by eurotopnyc

Originally posted on http://www.breedingzone.com/

'10 rules for bottoms'

By eurotopnyc

~ ~ ~
10. Clean up, kid. I like it dirty, but not literally.
9.  Call me a traditionalist, but I like my boys’ holes plucked and shaved.
8.  Condoms? Your neighbour sports a perfect bubble and will give it to me bare.
7.  So it hurts a bit in the beginning? It's supposed to, boy… (and, you’re welcome).
6.  No, I'm not slowing down. Hit the poppers and take it like a pro.
5.  Doggy, missionary, sideways? I like 'em all and you'll give up your ass any way I like it.
4.  I'm fucking you and you're telling me you want a gangbang?!  Tell me why you should be thinking about other cocks right now.
3.  Don't tell me where to dump my load. It's going up your ass and you knew that when we started.
2.  Do I want you to cum? I haven't thought about it but now that you mention it, NO.
1.  Ah...you cleaned my cock!Definitely coming back, slut. 
 ~ ~ ~




25 March 2012

FRESH MEAT: bate101 (video compilation)

This boy is sooo fkn H-O-T !!!
Cocky, Cock-centric & COCKPROUD...
and fkn proud of it!!!

BateWorld IM chat with bate101

March 24th 2012

"bate101: i saw that you feature a vid of alphatop masturbating on ur dick.net profile. when i saw it there i got so stiff i almost ejaculated. thnx bro.

Alphatop: Pleasure's 100% mine...got ur vids saved on my cell phone too...used 'em to get-off while at work Friday…

Alphatop: after I give my bone a good strong jack...posting 'dedication/compilation' to my blog...

bate101: obviously i want as many guys possible to masturbate watchin them…

Alphatop: gonna quote u on that..."

Baters' bonus...check him out in action on

Xtube - bate101

...the video compilation

23 March 2012

Realmen Raw 2012 [video compilation]

100% Masculine 
100% Horny Action 
[video compilation]

Realmen Raw 2012 II [video compilation]

100% Masculine  
100% Horny Action 


[video compilation]

17 March 2012

Dean Monroe sucks str8 cock

...for UNGLORYHOLE Productions

TOP 5 porn models 
I most want to fuck.
What Are Friends For [Part 1]

Dean Monroe has been a consistent fuck-fantasy 
from the first time I laid eyes on him,
cock automatically engorges to capacity,
soon followed by an uncontrollable eruption of cum 
sprayed all over my desk, keyboard and fist.

5+ years later, 
he still ranks among my all-time 
TOP 5 porn models 
I most want to fuck.

16 March 2012