25 March 2012

FRESH MEAT: bate101 (video compilation)

This boy is sooo fkn H-O-T !!!
Cocky, Cock-centric & COCKPROUD...
and fkn proud of it!!!

BateWorld IM chat with bate101

March 24th 2012

"bate101: i saw that you feature a vid of alphatop masturbating on ur dick.net profile. when i saw it there i got so stiff i almost ejaculated. thnx bro.

Alphatop: Pleasure's 100% mine...got ur vids saved on my cell phone too...used 'em to get-off while at work Friday…

Alphatop: after I give my bone a good strong jack...posting 'dedication/compilation' to my blog...

bate101: obviously i want as many guys possible to masturbate watchin them…

Alphatop: gonna quote u on that..."

Baters' bonus...check him out in action on

Xtube - bate101

...the video compilation


Ruffy said...

He's a hottie!!!

Anonymous said...

so hot~~~