30 July 2010



29 July 2010

Military solo

"Man's Best Friend"

This video reflects what I mean  
when I refer to cock as  
"man's best friend".   

Gotta luv it...and him!


27 July 2010

EZ Escort Gets Pumelled (...orally)

Mega-hung, no-nonsense businessman 
hires young male escort 
through EZ Escort Service... 
gives him one helluva life-lesson...
"Be careful what you wish for..." ;-)

Perfect Glory Hole

At around 1:12, watch and listen...
cocksucker brings this killer cock to climax...
cum pulsing through his mighty shaft
straight down hungry cocksucker's throat...
a well deserved reward.

...perfect cock ...perfectly circumcized
  ...perfectly serviced

...perfect cocksucker ...perfect cocksucking
  ...perfectly drained.

25 July 2010

Fucking Christian (TIM)


Those familiar with my blogging history are well aware of my reverence and 'obsession' with genuine, self-identied submissive/passive-bottoms. I have to admit that I'm totally 'pussy-whiped' by smooth, meaty bubble-butts with naturally fine, blond hair, barely visible under the sun...or a healthy, full-bodied, firm and lightly furry, dark haired ass. Love a nice ass there's infinitely more to what makes a 'genuine sub/bottom'. Over the past few years, my cock's become most responsive to bottoms with the balls to give it up, let go of their inhibitions or need for ANYTHING other than servicing his TOP, knowing his own pleasure is irrelevent to his sexual role. Kyle McKenna perfected this in the 90s and then Dawon raised the bar when he put himself out-there in (what I remember) among the first big-name barebacking porn performers.

And then came along Treasure Island Media's secret weapon and premier sub/bottom, Christian. This boy is BY FAR the best cocksucker in porn (unfortunately not showcased in this clip). It was CHRISTIAN's performances which totally altered how/what/why I watch porn and developed my appreciation and mastery of having my cock serviced PROPERLY.

He's not just 'hungry', he projects 'need', 'submission' and 'lust' in just about every I've seen him suck cock. He sucks cock as if he's either fucking it with his mouth or making love to it with mouth...then watch his eyes...the boy's totally present and attentive, eagerly awaiting cues from his TOP, verbal or visual, feeling his Top's cock with his lips and tongue to discern whether he's throbbing and on edge or takin' his time, enjoying a prolonged build-up before allowing Christian to feel its entirety as it fills his mouth and bends down his throat, growing and slowly thrusting...


I've posted this clip from TIM's "Dirty Fuckers" for other men/fans who appreciate this gifted sub/bottom expert cocksucker...the beginning of this clip includes less than a minute of Christian readying his Top stud, Sean to drive his hardon into his hole, to get fucked up the ass, one-on-one and man-to-man...'fucking that cock' with his asshole just as intensely as he does with his mouth.



Graffiti 6 "Annie You Save Me"

(I'm just sayin...)
Meet the 'next big thing' in music...
Jamie Scott

"Annie You Save Me"  
by Grafitti6


22 July 2010

'Chains' Sex Club

I reckon an overnight stop-over to this pig pen is definitely on my itinerary next time I visit the US.
C'mon... gotta fkn LUV that framed, deciously juicy ass!!!

Dan Fisk Glory Hole Close-up (TIM)

HEAD can be such an intensly intimate experience between men when there's genuine chemistry between them. This is most often 'achieved' and guided by an experienced TOP and dedicated cocksucker, novices and experts alike.  

The best cocksuckers rely on cues, subtle and/or explicit, from their TOPS. Their every action is a reaction easily observed in his TOP's body-language, breathing and presence of mind.


Of course, oral skills are essential, but I'd argue that 'intuition' matters most. For me, it's in his eyes, focus and willingness... to put my cock and my needs front and center. His needs are met inherently by the pride gained in meeting mine... and so it is.  

To illustrate my point, take a look at this TIM clip,
featuring Dan Fisk's cock  
being properly worshiped, sucked and serviced 
through a glory hole by a very skilled cocksucker.


20 July 2010

More ass than you can shake YOUR stick at...

My kinda heaven... dedicated to the sexiest TOP in the world, my husband... MY MAN!

19 July 2010

Tom Brock (...at his BEST)

Starring 80s porn-idol Tom Brock whose cock was dependably strong-n-steady, rockhard and ready, precision-perfect, circumsized 7" pure man-meat.
Definitely worth the effort to locate this fuck film even if only to check-out this scene's horny intro in particular.

18 July 2010

Rough BJ

This cocksucker KNOWS his 'calling'...
Leather dude drives his cock deeper down his thoat, 
  you know, just in case he forgets...




HUNGRY (cum-filled) Bottom

...leaving buckets of cum up his ass

14 July 2010

Suck-off Guys

Inked, HUNG and horny spunk
with an ass as hungry  
as his cock is BIG
... well... almost...

Un-Gloryhole Cocksucking

The setting:  

HUNG, straight British dude...  
undeniably horny party boy on holidays in the US,
...lured (online) into being filmed at the local adult bookstore...

where a hot chick will be waiting to service his 
thick, 8+ inches of PERFECTLY CUT COCK,
  through a gloryhole at a local adult book store. 

Can't decide who's luckiest of all...
The Brit...
the cocksucker,
the camera guy (presumed producer),
or US (...me in particular) ?!?!?


Unique, side-by-side video capture  
leaves nothing to the viewers' imaginations  
and offers a rare 3D perspective for all 
cockcentric, cocksucking and gloryhole pervs...


03 July 2010

Vintage Seamen

Once more, my all-time favourite sub/bottom... the incomparable Kyle McKenna...
I have yet to see one video in which this man
fails to deliver the goods.
'Vintage Seamen'
Many, many thanks for puttin' yourself out-there
and raising the bar for all bottoms that followed.
A MAJOR loss for all his fans...RIP beautiful man.