19 August 2010

'Fixated' slide show

Dedicated to all the insatiable, cock-centric and
ORALLY FIXATED horny dicks out there.

Bareback International

"This is an early film I (Spurtnow) made in my playroom...
 it has done the rounds on the internet...
 I thought it was worth re-posting ;-0 "


Dedicated to mark22ndst (aka: cumNYCpig)  
for turning me on to this video. 

Ungloryhole [Pt. 3 of 3]

Ungloryhole [Pt. 2 of 3]

Ungloryhole [Pt. 1 of 3]

Another horny, str8 dude willing to go the extra mile for a good blowjob.
Wade, who's already "nervous...skeptical", 
lured into the local Adult Bookstore...

...on the promise he'd receive 
"the best head of your life" 
 from a "very hot chick".

Somebody better be there to tell Wade, 
"2 out of 3 ain't bad"



11 August 2010

Dirrty Dawg's "Bareback Bathroom Pt.1"

Ever fantasize about being a fly-on-the-wall 
of a public men's room?
Here's your chance...