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29 November 2010

C'mon Mate...LET'S FUCK!!!

 the video compilation...

25 November 2010

where can i see the pic of the cock ring?

Link to a (relatively) recent pic, same cockring... 

23 November 2010

That cockring of yours is so freakin'HOT though have to wonder if you've ever hurt anyone when fucking or skull fucking?

Cheers for that...and for noticing ;-). Admitedly, I receive almost as many comments about my cockring as I do about my cock itself. Funnily enough, I actually 'inherited' that particular cockring from a hot dude I fucked many years ago (2002) at Steamworks in Berkley, CA. I don't remember all the details but recall him taking it off himself while sucking my cock in the hot tub. Initially, it looked too big and seemed way too bulky, particularly if I had any intention of skullfucking or serious ass-pounding. All and any concerns about it being too cumbersome quickly disappeared as soon as I felt the weight of it encasing my cock and balls. In no time, my cock responded and filled the circumference not unlike a hand in glove...it was a match made in pig-heaven and we've never looked back. 

That said, I soon learned that my bigger, meatier, heavier cock didn't give me license to plow away at will when wearing that steel monster. I can't even begin to count the number of times I've been reminded of its potential hazzard, especially when hearing the sound of it clashing against a cocksucker's front teeth. To avoid injury, I must wear a second cockring, usually made of rubber or neoprine, as a buffer that will protect my boys' mouths and holes.

01 November 2010

Choice Cut (slideshow) (Dedicated to my brother-in-law)

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 Dedicated to my brother-in-law...
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Looks as though you've opened up Pandora's box with this one buddy boy...I'm a bit stunned to say that this is not unlike my own personal experiences being exposed to cock and masturbation...

It started with my bro-in-law whom I showered with daily when I was 5 yo (he was 22, Naval Officer)...at that age, I stood at eye-level to his big cut cock, low hanging balls and thick black bush/treasure trail. He'd often call out for me as he'd strip out of his uniform and then reach into the shower to prepare the water temp...

This became a guilty fkn pleasure for me as I became more and more aware of the sexual pleasure I was deriving from being in such close proximity to his cock every fkn day...in fact, it was not at all unusual for me to have been eating a bowl of cereal, watching cartoons on Saturday morning as my bro-in-law and sister 'slept in'...he'd ease out of their room quietly, buck naked and fully engorged or even fkn ERECT, depending on how much had just passed since fucking the shit outta my sister's 17 yo pussy...HIS pussy, as he often bragged.

"Mornin' tiger...sister's gonna sleep in for a while...you ok?" as he'd walk towards me, cock STILL fkn bigger than normal...stand next to me, mess up my hair playfully then sit on the coffee table, leaning forward..."Can't piss when I'm this hard...and I've really gotta piss..." After a minute or two, he's go stand in front of the toilet, eyes closed, his cock just a little less than parallel to the floor...

I'd always take the opportunity to watch him piss, hiding behind a door in the room opposite the bathroom...watch his cock throb as he's start to release one, two, three droplets...then more and more and more...usually wouldn't touch his cock if pissing in the buff...sometimes wouldn't even bother to shakin' free the last drops of piss, as he'd do almost 100% of the time pissing in public toilets or when fully clothed...

It was my brother-in-laws perfect CUT cock 
which set the standard for the cocks 
I would fantasize about for the rest of my life!!!

This slide show is dedicated to him...