23 November 2010

That cockring of yours is so freakin'HOT though have to wonder if you've ever hurt anyone when fucking or skull fucking?

Cheers for that...and for noticing ;-). Admitedly, I receive almost as many comments about my cockring as I do about my cock itself. Funnily enough, I actually 'inherited' that particular cockring from a hot dude I fucked many years ago (2002) at Steamworks in Berkley, CA. I don't remember all the details but recall him taking it off himself while sucking my cock in the hot tub. Initially, it looked too big and seemed way too bulky, particularly if I had any intention of skullfucking or serious ass-pounding. All and any concerns about it being too cumbersome quickly disappeared as soon as I felt the weight of it encasing my cock and balls. In no time, my cock responded and filled the circumference not unlike a hand in glove...it was a match made in pig-heaven and we've never looked back. 

That said, I soon learned that my bigger, meatier, heavier cock didn't give me license to plow away at will when wearing that steel monster. I can't even begin to count the number of times I've been reminded of its potential hazzard, especially when hearing the sound of it clashing against a cocksucker's front teeth. To avoid injury, I must wear a second cockring, usually made of rubber or neoprine, as a buffer that will protect my boys' mouths and holes.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

WTF do you care about a bottom cocksuckers teeth.I would think that every time you here the power of your ring clashing against his teeth, your cock would get harder and harder. My cockring is the symbol of my ego, arrogance and power wrapped around GOD.