25 January 2010

24 January 2010

LeatherFuck (1 of 2)

13 January 2010

Bareback Bastards R-O-C-K-S!!!

Bareback Bastards R-O-C-K-S!!! 

Refreshingly straight-forward and loaded with just about every BB porn available on the net.

(Bareback Bastards administrator's message to new members on the homepage...)
Thank you for joining Bareback Bastards. I just started this site because I like to watch bareback clips. I don't watch anything else anymore to be honest. And I got sick and tired of searching through the big sites only to find shitty clips and most often not even bareback. So I decided to start this site to make a better bareback place. So please enjoy the clips and share your videos with us. If everyone just uploads a few clips, we'll soon have the biggest collection in raw action in one place. So let's make this site the best site for bareback sex videos and photos.
Your admin Roman!


06 January 2010

Just a peak...

♠Check out the pic of the stud wearing boots and see how masterfully the photographer catches the tip of his massive cockhead, peaking just over his meaty legs...

Had to post this horny pic to share with my 'like-minded' buds and also to keep online ready for when I want a quick wank.


I admit I'm a total sucker for images (live, video or pics) of men partly clothed, undressing or unassumingly revealing his cock and balls, or the tan line at the tip of his asscrack...barely.

Then, when either of you is least expecting it, sneak a peak of his cock and  balls at rest...

Even better, take your sweet-ass time havin' a good, long chat with him in the showers...

I guarantee he wouldn't dare challenge your gaze...
if for no other reason other than maintaining his ALPHA status among you and your naked mates.

Raw Masculinity: Just a peak...

HEAD Gear video pack

Video compilation of horny and ready-to-use cocksuckers...blindfolded, masks and leather hoods...whatever the boy needs to lose his inhibitions to suck cock the way he fanatasizes about every time he blows his load after a good horny solo pull.

05 January 2010

Johnny Hazzard - Sexy Beyond Porn

As much as I L-U-V this man ('Johnny Hazzard') in just about EVERY porn scene to his credit, thisYouTube video (of him dancing his ass off) is THE HOTTEST by far! If you like this one, be sure to check-out his music videos and other YouTube posts.

01 January 2010

'Huge 2' (FVP 1984) All-Time Favourite precondon scene!!!

***** #1 *****
Classic Porn Scenes

(FVP 1984) 

Without question, I've jacked-off and blown more loads than I could possibly count watching (or even fantasizing about) this clip, scene no. 3 from HUGE II.

Admittedly, I was very much a 'bottom' when I saw this for the first time. However, this clip did far more than just got me-off...in many ways, it shaped much of my sexual identity, desires and ideals.

I credit this clip, and the redneck, truck-driving TOP for my bulge-centric fetish and preference for cut cock. To this day, I am still mesmerized by this man's KILLER, upward curved, perfectly circumcised and perpetually HARD tool and his relentless, selfish use of it.

Fast-forward 10 -15 years and beyond, my focus began shifting from the TOP to the bottom; the hunger in his eyes while checking out the TOP's growing bulge in the truck, his unapologetic cock-worship and cocksucking skills, his smooth bubble-butt and arched back begging for cock.

Other points that have gotten me off at one time or another:
  • Top's sense of entitlement
  • boy fixated on the Redneck's bulge, drops to his knees, unbuttons TOP's 501s, unleashing TOP's fully engorged, 8" THROBBING BONER
  • boy's slow, deliberate cock worship start to finish
  • Top's creamy, lightly hairy, manly ass
  • Top pulls down boy's jeans and rams it in without a word or warning
  • boy bent over, eagerly gets rammed and a bit of whiplash
  • Top pulling boy's hair, forcing boy's back to arch, drives it DEEPER
  • Long, rhythmic thrusts gradually builds to strong, hard DICKING
  • Top's hairy blond forearms and big masculine hands
  • Top confidently grabs boy's hips, pushes him forward so boy can brace himself against the rock wall, ready to be FUCKED HARD and DEEP
  • boy's genuine facial expressions throughout...lust, serenity, gratitude and awe
  • Top/bottom, Dom/sub, Daddy/boy...gay archetypal sexual roles perfectly executed as reflected in how boy's every move is guided or informed by TOP's actions and cues

Aside from my fascination with the TOP's cock, the most significant aspect of this clip is the sexual impulsivity and raw, sexually organic energy...no agenda or politics...just HORNY guys at the right place, the right time with all the right stuff!