31 January 2010

Kyle McKenna - BEST Bottom in the FKN World!!!


Master of the Keys said...

In your opinion what makes a good top and what make a good bottom?

alphatop7 said...

Heya mate...first, here's my transparent objectification of the ideal 'bottom', as posted on my Xtube profile..

"Into: Genuine bottoms or subs...men who have the balls to call themselves "bottoms". My cock is most responsive to masculine, cheeky, horny, piggy sub boys.PREFER shorter, caucasian, boy-next-door types who are keen to be taken on a wild ride.

Can sit back and get head for hours...however long it take to train a boy how to service me and my cock properly.

Bottoming is a skill, learned at the hand of countless selfish horny men. Being a boy is a state of mind, communicated in his eyes, moans, sighs and absolute surrender."

Will address perfect 'Top' next...