30 June 2011

Public Action (video compilation)

''No TIme to Waste...''

Sometimes a man just needs to seize the moment.
Sometimes a man's hunger just can't wait.
There are times a man's dick dictates his actions.
Most times settling for what's on...right there and then.

29 June 2011

'Because we can..' gif loops

Seems I've got a one-track mind these days...
I really need to get laid !!!

Shout-out to  
for these fuckers ;-)

26 June 2011

Intense Breeders: Chuck and Nick


'Slurpin' Jizz II'
Treasure Island Media

These two raise the boner for cocksucking action...
ya gotta have one helluva set of balls 
to maintain the dominant role 
whilst sucking-off the 'submissive' dude's killer cock...

18 June 2011

'Forgotten Art of Fucking' slide show

To reflect what's been swirlin' around my perverted mind, decided to update one of my favourite slide shows (Up the Ass). 

Contrary to popular belief, I LUV to FUCK, despite my preoccupation with cocksucking and edging/jackin' off. 

Most all my j/o fantasies of late have been focused on good ol' fashioned, deep-n-hard, uninhibited, up-the-ass,dirty fucking!


17 June 2011

Anon Bators 'Jackin' IT... 2' (video compilation)

6 more clips...


And now...
...the video compilation.

15 June 2011

Anon Bators 'Jackin' IT' (video compilation)

As they say,
'One good deed...give what u get...one good turn...'

To show my appreciation whilst demonstrating that I not only read your comments, emails, etc but that I sincerely value the feedback I've received from the first post/poll on my homepage. 

With less than two weeks to go in my poll (re: member feedback),
the majority of you guys are interested in viewing
'more video compilations' (55%),
followed by 'more about my personal experiences' (42%)


And again, cheers for takin' the time to post your vote. 
Although, have to admit that I'm somewhat surprised 
by the results thus far.

So be it...I'm game...

Let's kick this off with some authority...
real men who proudly demonstrate 
the art of self-love.

14 June 2011

Oral Cock Worship: Sperm Facials - An Alternate Denouement

Oral Cock Worship: Sperm Facials - An Alternate Denouement 

Many, many happy returns to my cyberbud cocksucking expert, Steve for this message...and continued original, captivating posts like this one...Sperm Facials - An Alternate Denouement 

On 13 June 2011 01:09, 

Letmeworshipit wrote: Just a wee little note of support and congrats on your fine blog. It remains one of the hottest, most purely sexual sites on the net and I always leave with a sticky wet spot in my Calvin's after a visit! Best wishes for continued suck-cess!!  

Your friend in cock.  

Check Out My Oral Blog at http://oralcockworship.blogspot.com/

13 June 2011

Full: Don't Go

Major shout-out to MaxXxCock.
Full: Don't Go:" Download Link

'GAY-It-Forward' : End Anti-Gay Bullying in Schools

What can we do to end bullying against gays? There is a shocking increase in the number of young homosexuals who are commit suicide. Many anti-bullying programs don’t work and in this episode I talk to Dr. Elizabeth J. Meyer of Concordia University about what can be done. 
No one should be bullied or harassed and we all need to be concerned about those who are bullied to the point of considering suicide. Find out how we can address gay bullying in this episode.

12 June 2011

A Breeder's Journal: Buddy

Buddy: "While I've been settling into my new home this week without much in the way of internet access, I've been re-running some old journal entries..."  
"...As promised, I sat on the sofa wearing a tight gray T-shirt. My jeans were around my ankles, my cock hard. He stood there for a moment, transfixed, his glance darting between what I stroked with a backhand motion, and my eyes, trying to make out my features in the near-perfect dark..."

MachoFucker: Brutal Fuck II

Full: Cops And Robbers

'sub/bottom & expert cocksucker',
Kyle McKenna
Genuine, masculine bottom
and expert oral service...

Verbal, filthy mouthed, attentive cock-sucker
with instinctive, cock-worshiping skills...

Manly, creamy-smooth, bubble-butt and
insatiably hungry, meaty fuckable mancunt.


01 June 2011

"HOTCouple! TOP destroys bottom..."

I don't know about you but the phrase, 
'good ol' fashioned FUCK' comes to mind 
when I watch this very sensual, intimate, 
balls-to-the wall love-making fuck session 
that showcases their respective strengths, sexual roles and  
uninhibited passion for one another
that just cannot be rehersed,choreographed or staged.

This IS S-E-X ...
genuinely passionate,  
uninhibited, man-on-man 

FORCED ENTRY CLUB:Thomas Bjorn forces his raw cock

'Forced Entry Club'

Thomas Bjorn forces his cock deep into this
pretty-boy's creamy, meaty, bubble-butt, 
verbally and physically dictating every seedy second 
of this classic, trail-blazzing, bareback scene/video.

Ungloryhole.com Hung Uni Spunk


Maverickman22: 'Our Hot Tow Truck Driver'