15 June 2011

Anon Bators 'Jackin' IT' (video compilation)

As they say,
'One good deed...give what u get...one good turn...'

To show my appreciation whilst demonstrating that I not only read your comments, emails, etc but that I sincerely value the feedback I've received from the first post/poll on my homepage. 

With less than two weeks to go in my poll (re: member feedback),
the majority of you guys are interested in viewing
'more video compilations' (55%),
followed by 'more about my personal experiences' (42%)


And again, cheers for takin' the time to post your vote. 
Although, have to admit that I'm somewhat surprised 
by the results thus far.

So be it...I'm game...

Let's kick this off with some authority...
real men who proudly demonstrate 
the art of self-love.

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