28 November 2011

'This Little Piggy' (repost from 'BB Breeding Zone')

'This Little Piggy'

I don’t get home for the holidays very often, and when I do I try to make sure there is plenty of family around for distraction. 

This is because my dad used to fuck me from ages 15 til I left for college. 

It tends to make quiet, alone moments now a teensy bit awkward and tense. 

Well, last night my dad’s girlfriend left and it was just the two of us later on. After a movie, we retired to our separate bedrooms. 

While in bed, I jumped on Scruff, just to see if I could line up maybe something for the following day. A guy nearby without a pic hit me up.

We chatted a bit- I asked if he had any pics to share. He said he didn’t like to, but that he had a loaded 7 incher that needed release. 

I said I was stuck with family and looking for tomorrow. He asked if maybe he couldn’t just sneak into my room and just get a blowjob. I said it would be too risky with my dad just down the hall.

We chatted a bit more, and got really sexual. About how I would like his cock and that he had a big load saved up for me to swallow.

I have to admit I was very turned on by the thought. 

“C’mon, just let me sneak over. We can be quiet— it’ll be hot! Plus, I was with family all day, and couldn’t give my girlfriend my load, and it need to cum out.”

Girlfriend??? Suddenly my stomach knotted a bit. 

“I just don’t think it’s gonna work,” I replied. It wasn’t more than 30 seconds later there was a knock at my door. 

My dad walked into my room in just a t-shirt and socks— his erection on display. 

“I decided to sneak over to your room anyway”...

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One for the books...true story

“ Involuntarily came in my shorts... 
at work !!!

I've been meanin' to reply 
to a [Dick.net] buddy's comment/post 
asking for more info 
 re: “shot a load in my pants DURING a meeting/presentation."

If I recall correctly, I got almost no sleep the night before - got carried away edging, bating online, really enjoying my cock...TOTALLY out-of-character for me when I'm scheduled to work the following day...DEF 'm'Y BAD' sorta thing...

Besides nodding-off in the first meeting, TWICE, my body and MIND just let go, opening the flood gates for my cock to take centre stage...and it did!

Slouched down, legs stretched-out, extended directly in front of my chair...my arms crossed over, resting on my chest which is now bracing my chin...not my best look!

Work clothes r semi-casual, khakis w/long sleeve button-down dress shirt...

45 minutes into the world's most boring presentation, I was nudged awake by a colleague. I awoke in a mild fright, which quickly escalated to humiliation and panic...best of all, MY COCK WAS RAGING and EASILY noticeable (if not 'noteworthy') during the entire presentation and I basically 'sold tickets' for it by doin' it for over 30 minutes on the third time just THAT DAY.

I managed to stay upright and awake for the remaining 30 minutes, however could not get my cock to cooperate. Keep in mind I hadn't blown my load after 7+ hrs edging online, some party, no sleep...light turned down for closing power point.

Thank God I managed to grab a seat in the back row, except for the two male colleagues on either side of me...one Doctor, one Lab Tech...my heart started racing again, tried to sit still...calmly...moved to stand and b-line it to the men's room but...just lost control completely, probably pushed over edge by my hardon, rubbin' against trousers or my cotton briefs...fell back back into my seat, dug my feet/soles of my shoes into the carpet and resisted every natural impulse a man feels when cuming...just adjusted my hips/ass to 'get comfy' as I came in my fkn shorts, in a room full of 25 - 30 people, without liftin' a finger...literally...

Needless to say, my shorts were totally FKN SOAKED and I couldn't have cared less. Cumming  relieved of all that tension, sexually and otherwise...soon after I just had to laugh it off and get back to work, tho secretly quite proud of my feat and dirty cover-up...

 A true story...
as I just can't imagine the stars aligning in any sort of way 
to even pretend it would be possible to replicate...
def one for the books!

Str8 Bator...COCK Master (video compilation)


Came across this bloke during a particularly 
HORNY edging/bate session last night. 
Hung stud is definitely 100% straight 
and on a voracious hunt for juicy pussy.


Reckon his cock would taste just like a straight bloke's cock
Probably smells just like it too...
which I fkn love.


26 November 2011

'Every Other Lover' by George Michael

For a change of pace...
a different perspective 
for all of our viewing pleasure...
Hope u enjoy this custom-made, 
movie-quality slide show...

featuring the world's HORNIEST, 
fuck-quality MEN.

(And FYI...George's 'EOL' is fkn brilliant!)

'100% Hetero…except for my dick fetish'

 Classic Erotica

I came across this erotic gem in my archives recently 
surfin' the net at some point in the past decade...
needless to say, this one's a definite 'keeper'.

I am NOT the original author but must confess 
that when I rediscovered this, I just assumed I had written it, 
based on the writing style and story content. 

Indeed, the narrative resonates with me so much more this time 'round.

Even the title causes a rise in my shorts...;-)
~ ~ ~

“100% Hetero…except for my dick fetish”

I'm just about 100% hetero…except for this big dick fetish I’ve developed over the past few years. It's rarely indulged beyond my private bate sessions when I become fixated on big, thick *CUT cock.  I have no interest in average or small sized dicks at all. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’m 100% hetero, totally straight my entire life, until somethin’ shifted in me around three years ago. Had anyone even suggested that I would one day be into cock, I wouldn’t even have dignified it with a response, knowin’ exactly how pussy I’ve had and would always have at my disposal. Crazy as it may seem, when it comes to cock, the truth of the matter is that I'm a total size-queen. What can I say?!?

Then again…As a younger boy, an older neighborhood teen coerced and/or convinced me into becoming his cock slave. It all started one day when we were down in his basement one day looking at porno mags. The atmosphere was very sexually charged.
While looking at the porn he began to ask me questions, did the pictures turn me on (yes), and had I ever been with a girl (no). Had I ever been with a guy (no!)? Had I ever thought about being with a guy? (no!!) During this line of questioning he began to rub casually himself through his shorts causing the nylon fabric to stretch like a big-top at the circus. I was afraid of the energy and fascinated at his bulge simultaneously. It was enormous. I must have been looking too intently, and I realized he was watching me stare while he played with himself. Now there was nothing subtle about it now. He grabbed the base of his grotesquely fat cock and began to stroke its length. I could not believe it’s mass.

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He asked me if I wanted to touch it. I declined, stuttering and confused, but didn't leave either. Part of me felt like I should leave right now and forget this bizarre, yet exciting scene. But I could not leave, despite my feelings of what I "should do" my body compelled me to stay. My heart was racing, I felt very warm and tingly and I realized I was trembling a bit.

He kept stroking and began to coax me into touching it. At some point he simple took my hand and placed it on his giant erection. The charge was electric! It more than filled my entire grasp with its spongy hardness and even trough his shorts I could feel it's burning heat.

He began to tell me how to stroke it, and then told me to take it out - I did. I jacked him off per his instructions. I was hypnotized by this huge meat that was both so hard and yet so soft. He was uncut and I was mesmerized at how his foreskin would pull back and forth over his plum sized cock-head.

He asked me if I wanted to suck it, and although I did I could not say so - I couldn't say anything! I was both terrified and excited like I'd never known before. I silently continued to stroke his big fat cock. He placed his Hand's on my shoulder and began pushing down - I knew what was about to happen...I WAS going to suck this cock.

As I said he was older, and bigger, and stronger, so I couldn't really resist his force for long. He was telling me how he knew I wanted to suck it (he was right) and how much we'd both like it (he was right again).

I surrendered and found my place on my knees with my head right at level with his swollen cock-meat. Again I began to stroke it; its huge flexible rigidity captivating me. I was trembling. Literally.

He told me to open my mouth and suck on it, so I did. His cock was enormous, I could barely stretch my lips around its bloated head. He instructed me how to cover my teeth and bob my head on his cock. Steadying his incredibly girthy cock with both hands I began to fuck it with my mouth, in and out, in and out, in and out. It was as though his cock were whiskey, for it was making me feel drunk.

There was no room to spare in my overly stuffed mouth, filled to capacity with his giant erection. I could only manage the head and just a little more. I sucked hungrily gladly following instructions as he offered them. I developed a rhythm and alternately pulled his fat, hard cock to my hungry mouth as I forced my head down on it.

At some point he gently grabbed the hair on the back of my head and pulled me away from his raging hardon. I was shocked into consciousness like a happy-suckling puppy yanked from it's mother's teat. Grabbing his giant cock he waved it above my face and asked me if I liked it. I did, and told him so. He asked if I wanted to please him and make him cum. I did, and told him so.

He explained that I was doing a good job for my first time, but that I had a lot to learn and he would show me if I wanted him to. I did, and told him so.

He again placed his fat bulbous-ness back in my mouth this time holding my head in his hands. He began to thrust into me, fucking my mouth - it was too much and I tried to pull away to no avail, he held me fast and continued to fuck my face. He told me to relax saying that he was going to have his way and it would be better for us both if I cooperated.

Now it was becoming uncomfortable, he was cramming more dick in my mouth than I could take. My jaws were already starting to hurt from being over-extended, and I began to panic as the assault deepened with his thrusting heading for my throat.

Now well into sucking his giant dick, I head the door upstairs shut and footsteps on the floor above. His mother was home and she called out to see if he was home. He yelled back in the affirmative informing her I was with him, and continued his pleasure. I panicked and wanted to stop, afraid of being caught. My “friend” would have none of it and held me on his dick telling me, “you’re going to finish what you started.”              

Now the door to the stairs opened, he held still, his erection throbbing in my mouth. “What are you guys doing down there?” she asked. “Nothing”, he replied, “just looking at comics”. She closed the door saying she’d fix lunch in a little while.

“You’re going to get you’re lunch now, dicksucker”, he told me as he resumed his thrusting.

He was none to gentle with me in fucking my mouth. Before it was over he had one hand firmly on the back of my head and the other gripping the bottom of my chin and neck holding me in place while thrusting him deeper and deeper in mouth. When his cock hit my throat I thought I was going to vomit. My stomach heaved and bile rose in my throat. Clamping both hands on his muscled thighs I tried to push myself away, but could not. He continued to fuck my mouth and stretch my throat.  My gagging drew no sympathy from him until it became very violent. He then withdrew himself as I gasped for air, my mouth, throat, nose and sinuses clogged with mucous and pre-cum.

 As I tried to regain my composure he was “shhhhhhing” me and rubbing his dickhead over my mouth and across my face, his pre-cum covering my face with its warm slipperiness. This was my first awareness of its discharge.  My senses were coming back to me and I could see that man’s massive dick being rubbed on my face; the proud glands, full and swollen, encircled behind by the foreskin spewing the slippery fuck-lube heralding what was to come.                           
Hooking his thumb into the corner of my mouth as a gentle incentive to open he began to thump his massive cockhead on my lips...I gladly resumed.

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com 

He fucked my head as before coaching me on how to relax and take him in my throat. Now I WANTED him in my throat. I wanted nothing more than to satisfy this remarkable, demanding penis. What of his fat manhood I was able to swallow that day was mostly the result of him being willing to force it down me and me being willing to take it.

The leakage from his unbelievably thickened manhood began to increase, thicker, perhaps more salty...he warned me that he was going to cum and that I was going to swallow it. His fucking became more determined and at intervals he would pull my head onto his cock as he would press his loins forward lodging himself in my neck as far as he could and then make sharp thrusts with his hips. I knew he was close from his verbal praises and the swelling pulse from his incredible penis. I couldn’t believe that it could get any bigger, any harder, but it did as it began to pump a huge load of thick, hot, salty cum down my throat. I gagged like crazy and tried to dislodge him from my cum-blasted windpipe. I succeeded enough only in getting him to withdraw into my mouth where he continued to pump his hot thick jizz. He held me in place until he was through and I had swallowed his deposit.

No sooner had I finished swallowing his cum and he pulled out than I realized what had really just transpired. Here I was, on my knees, a mucous-faced, teary-eyed dicksucker with the taste of fresh cum in his mouth.                                   

“Dude, you’re a mess”, he told me, and “You’d better go out the basement door”. I looked down to see the whole front of my shirt covered in the slime of saliva, mucous, and well earned cum.

That was it. He shooed me out. Luckily I was only a block away from home, and I took the alley so as to avoid anybody. My face was flush and I burned with shame. HOW the fuck had I become a dick sucker?

I was repulsed and excited at the same time.

Ultimately I guess I liked more than I didn't 'cause for a summer or so I became his secret sperm receptacle. He taught me how to deepthroat and later even opened my ass up, but then he moved away.

Not long thereafter I began to get lucky with the girls, and have ever since, but sometimes I crave being on my knees in front of a big fat hard cock. I've only had a few other experiences since (as my criteria are so stringent), but am open for more.   
No strings, no drama, no BS.

23 November 2011

HORNY comment from Dick.net fan

Very cool, very fuckin' horny comment
posted to my Dick.net profile.

(I'll ID the horny SOB and update upon his consent.)

Who am I to argue...?!!?

Last minute J/O before boarding Flight no.8CT-J0...

I fkn LOVE this dude!!!

the video...

~ ~ ~

19 November 2011

French McDonald's TV Ad...ahhhh....

~ ~ ~
I'm going on record to say, 
I LOVE McDonald's...
always have, always will.

True to form, 
the way to THIS man's heart 
is through my mind & tummy...

I love this ad  BECAUSE of its 
simplicity, predictability and humour.

To be honest, it just makes me smile, 
inside and out, deepening my appreciation 
for those iconic golden arches.
I cherish those rare occasions 
when I'm just swept off my feet, 
as though I've regressed 25 years, 
when I would channel surf cable TV
for even the slightest hint of naked, male sexuality...
my undisciplined, undeveloped personal gaydar
was not terribly discerning to the point of distracting,
as I often had an eye and ear out for just about
ANYTHING GAY, good or bad...even fugly.


11 November 2011

BB Leather Play [video compilation]

Uninhibited, mega-horny 
leather fuckers.

serious fucking action.

the video compilation...
~ ~ ~

05 November 2011

'RAW Leather HORNY Fuck' video preview

 Leather MEN...Leather FUCK!

the video preview...
~ ~ ~

'Load after Load after Load' video compilation

Fuck THIS !!!


...the video compilation
~ ~ ~

02 November 2011

'I Want To Swallow That (Str8) Load' video clip


 The video clip...

 Originally posted on
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