19 November 2011

French McDonald's TV Ad...ahhhh....

~ ~ ~
I'm going on record to say, 
I LOVE McDonald's...
always have, always will.

True to form, 
the way to THIS man's heart 
is through my mind & tummy...

I love this ad  BECAUSE of its 
simplicity, predictability and humour.

To be honest, it just makes me smile, 
inside and out, deepening my appreciation 
for those iconic golden arches.
I cherish those rare occasions 
when I'm just swept off my feet, 
as though I've regressed 25 years, 
when I would channel surf cable TV
for even the slightest hint of naked, male sexuality...
my undisciplined, undeveloped personal gaydar
was not terribly discerning to the point of distracting,
as I often had an eye and ear out for just about
ANYTHING GAY, good or bad...even fugly.


1 comment:

chimuscle said...

Love the ad, thanks for sharing it. And love your comments on it, too!