26 December 2012

Bustin' to... (bb video clips)

marks the spot...




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22 December 2012

Luv sayin' the word, "Dick"...(music slide show)

Luv the way it rolls off the tongue...

'Dec Dick'
(music video slideshow)

Ho, ho, ho...

Featuring (a kickass remix of)

 'Losing You' by Solange Knowles

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02 December 2012

Sexual 'IMPRINTS' (video clips)

(updated 13 Dec 2012)

Just having a good ol' fashioned wank
jackin' it down memory lane,
after a VERY FUN, FKN BATE session.

My bate mate asked,
 "...who's (cock) your personal, sexual 'IMPRINTS'... 
the men and/or cock
that set the standard for you 
from very early on?"
...and to source them for him, if poss.

~ ~ ~
In addition to countess others such as 
AL Parker and Eric Manchester
the following video clips, and particularly 
the TOPS/Cocks showcased, 
have definitely become 
in my own mind 
and are often recalled 
to get me off, from memory alone.

In no particular order...
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JIm Pulver

Chase Hunter

Jon Vincent

Mike Branson

(The following clip is the one that started it all for me...) 
'Redneck trucker' from 
(scene no. 3)

~ ~ ~
Whose cocks were your own 
personal, sexual 'IMPRINTS' ???

Who were/are the men and/or their cocks 
that set the standard for you from very early on???

Who are the men/cock who still get you HARD...
and who can (STILL) get you off?

01 December 2012

Mild to Wild...(video clips)

(...and most things in-between)

Friday morning
 5:45 AM... 

 ...Saturday night
6:52 PM...

...Sunday night
9:20 PM.

(It could happen...)

A little bit special... (video clips)

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Luv 'em, 
bate, suck,  jack and blow...
load after creamy load.

(Comments/personal preference welcum... )

28 November 2012

Dicked, Seeded...Repeat (BB video clip)

dicked deep

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 video clips 
no. 1

no. 2

21 November 2012

Repost: A Little Help ?!!? (Do you know this video clip?)

Recently received email from an amazing guy who is keen to obtain information related to this clip, specifically it's origin, title and model names, etc...

Please contact me if you have any information 
that could assist in locating this video clip

His keen eye spotted it within a video compilation I created titled, 


the video clip...
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20 November 2012

C'mon...'First guy you ever saw hard?' poll

And "Yes...I really, really wanna know..."

Poll located half-way down the side-bar of (this) homepage.

Cheers men.

10 November 2012


Re: "Take a moment" slide show

Comment from dedicated blog follower, Ken.

21 June 2012


To: Me
Hey Man! I don't know how I missed this one. I was surfing around and fell into it last night. [Wednesdays are long days and boring nights here!]  Last night I liked it, but not too impressed somehow....what a variety.
However this morning I looked at it 3 times and it really touched me.  The music is very nice and you did a perfectly wonderful display of all sorts of gorgeous men.  I didn't want to get off, just get hard and watch and eat the 'drool' as it flowed out.  Man, you really know how to put it all together.  

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! 

Your horny buddy in Central Mexico, 

 ~ ~ ~

click here for more personalized, slideshow music videos

All-around, HARD and HOT-AS-FUCK Bator (video clips)

video clip no. 1 of 2

Fleshjack  00
Hand         01

 video clip no. 2 of 2

Thank you for playing with us.