02 December 2012

Sexual 'IMPRINTS' (video clips)

(updated 13 Dec 2012)

Just having a good ol' fashioned wank
jackin' it down memory lane,
after a VERY FUN, FKN BATE session.

My bate mate asked,
 "...who's (cock) your personal, sexual 'IMPRINTS'... 
the men and/or cock
that set the standard for you 
from very early on?"
...and to source them for him, if poss.

~ ~ ~
In addition to countess others such as 
AL Parker and Eric Manchester
the following video clips, and particularly 
the TOPS/Cocks showcased, 
have definitely become 
in my own mind 
and are often recalled 
to get me off, from memory alone.

In no particular order...
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

JIm Pulver

Chase Hunter

Jon Vincent

Mike Branson

(The following clip is the one that started it all for me...) 
'Redneck trucker' from 
(scene no. 3)

~ ~ ~
Whose cocks were your own 
personal, sexual 'IMPRINTS' ???

Who were/are the men and/or their cocks 
that set the standard for you from very early on???

Who are the men/cock who still get you HARD...
and who can (STILL) get you off?

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