08 November 2014

Anal Loving Jarhead Seeding Buddy - XTube Porn Video - HungJarhead9x6

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Xtube video:

07 November 2014

Hozier - Take Me To Church (music video)

 (Trust me...it's personal!)

I've been positive almost as long as I've been out, and only just 'sexually active ' long enough to feel that primal need, to be needed, by another man.  

By the time I was 20, I had been positive for one year...and then it hit me. I wasn't going to be around long enough to see men, like me, living and loving FREELY.

27 years later, 28 years positive, 15 years with the love of my life...50 is only 2 short years around the corner...

I distinctly remember that day, 27 years ago. I grieved and I cried...a lot. 

Time passed and I got pretty damn lucky. Without question, I fought hard...believing...always believing...as countless men had done before me...and after.

And with all my heart, I hope gay men are finding the loves of their lives...
and loving freely, passionately and uniquely.