15 July 2012

Gay Porn Obsession: Eli Hunter (repost)

Ok, i devoted a whole blog post to Italo Gang and i really would love to fuck him... but there's another guy i've busted so many nuts to that i gotta talk about and honestly... if all of the porn guys were available for me, i think i would pick this guy because he seems like a good match for me in many ways.

i'm talking about Eli Hunter who i first saw on Chaosmen but has recently done some stuff for Cocksure Men and Jake Cruise (one in the same really -- and to be honest, i can't really tell which came first).

at first glance you might not get it but watch a scene and you'll understand why i love him.

one, he just seems like a normal kid -- not one of those body obsessed queens you see in big budget porn. (though he has been working out, and i'm liking the results)

two, THAT ASS!! i really really love his ass... it's meaty, round, and looks tasty as fuck. the true definition of a bubble butt!

three, okay he's verse and when he's topping he's hella macho (and he does have a pretty nice dick)... but when he bottoms and he's really feeling it. he lets out these submissive moans that i love.

i love when a macho guy can turn bitchy when he's on the bottom. (not overtly, but the subtle ways he does it Bones me the fuck up!) and he's just really into pleasing his top... "does that feel good" "how's my ass" "you like that" in such a sweet little passive voice. and occasionally a "you fucked me so good" "your dick feels amazing. the type of reassurance a top needs from his bottom.

four, he's down for whatever... but you wouldn't necessarily read "total slut bottom" from seeing him so i could only imagine what else he's up for that we haven't seen already. i mean look at the clip i posted a few weeks ago!

and finally, i don't know why but i just think we would get along so well in the bedroom. he (like a bunch of other bottoms in porn) seems to crave really big dick... but he does the best with what he's given. i haven't seen him take anything really huge on either site... and i'm sure he'd love my cock and would be excited to play with it. as i'd be excited to play with his ass... rim him up real good... just basically feast for hours on that beautiful thing before gettin it in (for hours as well).

here's what i imagine...

i'm on vacation somewhere for a week or a weekend...
we meet somewhere
and than we head to my hotel room
and we just fuck and fuck and fuck for hours on end.
and than we end up spending the rest of the weekend together
(and he's got a nice cock, so i might even flip for him -- probably would)

he seems like a guy who likes to please
and i'm a guy who likes to please
and we both seem to know what we do and don't like in bed
so i think our sexual chemistry would be off the hook
and than who knows what could happen after that

i could see him being the bad boy freaky type
the type of dude to massage my dick through a movie
and than want to get fucked outside on the fire exit
basically a fun, adventurous, risk taking guy to stretch my limits

that's just my fantasy
who knows if i'm his type
but like i said he seems very adventurous
and climbing my 10" cock would be a freaky challenge for him

unfortunately (sort of) apparently he's str8
or at least he was str8 on his first chaosmen appearance -- as most of the dudes on that site claim
but i gotta say... once you do your first "gay coach" scene, i think you've fully embraced the fact that you are a gay porn actor so things might be different now.

i made a tribute video too* -- maybe my favorite ass in porn!
he's riding, getting doggy'd, and takin cum
i'm sure you will enjoy
 *video deleted by Xtube days following this (original) post

now... SERIOUSLY...
if anybody knows if he has a twitter or a facebook or something...

i don't wanna stalk him but i think he might be interested (delusions?)
it's just every time i watch one of his videos i seriously imagine all the shit we could do together and have fun at the same time.

it's a long shot, but don't you have to vocalize what you want
and i want him!