30 May 2009

Surfies' Bare Butts

Real surfer dudes dropping their wetsuits and board shorts for a quick shower and change into dry clothes...very fkn hot hidden cam video posted on Xtube.

Poll: Best 'TOP' in porn?

HEAD Games

12 May 2009

11 May 2009

Attention Tops and bottoms (video)


"Bareback Fucking 101!"

The last time I jerked-off...

May 2009... Transfered this post from my former blog, Man-0n-Man Action (Ning). Enjoy... then share your favourite or latest sexual fantasy that made you blow your load. ******************************** ******************************** Friday, 23 February 2007 Post a horny, detailed description of the sexual fantasy that led to your most recent orgasmm... Tell us about the boy, man, sex or situation that grabbed hold of you and put you over the edge beyond any point or control or inhibition. Even better if you blew your load while/after recalling past experiences, personal or otherwise. Anything goes...mild to wild, classic anal or raunchy piss play...the more descriptive, the better. Show you've got balls and attach a pic or illustration to give each other the best possible visual of what you were thinkin' the last time you jerked-off and blew your load. I'll post first.. . Like most Tops, I am keenly aware of what makes my dick hard. I'm a total sucker for the more reserved, boy-next-door types, particularly once the clothes come off and that mouth opens up to feed on my cock, transforming him into the insatiable cocksucking bottom he has always dreamed of being... And this is about the most common fantasy I have when alone, strokin' and pumping my dick to feel that rage in my groin, shooting creamy juice all over my fist, alternating with my usual 3-4 mini-geysers that land on my stomach and around my pubes. Ahhhhhh.... ******************************** Comments (4 total) Post a Comment Offline pig that i am...naked wrists cuffed to ankles cuffed to spreader...blindfolded... on a low table...men talking in back...can't see them...one grabs my head & shoves his big rockhard cock down my throat...another guy shoves his big rockhard cock up my ass ...all the way in to his balls & just holds on to my waist...the other men are standing over & around me...laughing & talking...egging the two fuckers on....slowly the start fucking me...pounding my throat & ass...harder & harder...faster & faster....i'm exploding cum....oh man.... Friday 23 February 2007 - 08:18PM (EST) Remove Comment "Sir" Offline Fuckin' hot...love hearing a bottom's perspective on that horny scene...got me throbbing in my pants...busting to pull it out and give it a good tug and then shove back into your mouth ...fuckin' NOW...as I'm blowin' load after load down your faggot throat...Cheers mate...feel nice n chilled now... Saturday 24 February 2007 - 11:49PM (EST) Remove Comment Marco D Offline IM my heard pinned to the floor with your cock shoved all the way in mouth fucking it like it was a prostitute's pussy your big balls beating against my chin while your big manly hand is squeezing on my cock making me open my mouth to scream but your dick just keeps on going deeper ... fuck i wish i was ur boy Wednesday 28 February 2007 - 05:50PM (CET) Remove Comment "Sir" Offline That's right boy...my fat cock bends downward when hard, makin' it easier for me to pump those juicy cocksuckin' lips, pushing it so deep down your throat that your nose is buried in my pubes. Your eyes watering, you gag for air...I pull you onto your stomach, sit back and allow you to service me good and slow while I inspect your meaty arse, twitching and hungry for Daddy's throbbing meat. You do not say anything other than "Yes Sir" or "Thank You Sir"...because there is nothing else you need to communicate to your Daddy. Your eyes never leave my cock...NEVER. You fixate every bit of energy on my cock, always grateful for another mouthful, another taste, another opportunity to lose yourself in my crotch. You fuck my cock good and slow with your mouth, then start suckin and strokin' it, slobbering over every inch...kissing it, loving it...then both hands...more slobber...I start pumpin' your face...roll you back onto your back...fuck your face faster and faster...your eyes begging me for more...my cock throbbing faster and faster...then grab the back of your head, forcing my cumrod deeper down your throat...blowing buckets of cum down into your throat...forcing you, daring you to push me out...making you swallow every drop and then letting my cock soften before releasing you... Saturday 3 March 2007 - 12:01AM (EST)

10 May 2009

Ripped Raw Fuck (video)

Table for 2 ?!?!

Genuine Alpha Male (video)

A Real Man's Man...
with a fistful of the most beautifully cut, thick piece of meat and sweet seed just to back it all up!
(I definitely would!!!)

Wet Area

Maverickman22 - XTube's Elite (video)

These two fuckin' R-O-C-K!!!


Blue-Collar Eye Candy (video)

Doesn't get much better than this!

06 May 2009

Rough Trade

Best Bones

Genuine submissive bottoms

To put it bluntly, I fuckin' LIVE for genuine submissive bottoms!!! I'm 100% in control and NEVER let my boys down...if pb (cocksucker in pic) or mf (leather boy I'm fucking in blurred pic) have a big night out and then need a good hard fuck afterwards, the horny cocksuckers know to call anytime, know exactly what to say and just what to offer...I may be the boss, but these 2 own my cock! And, I own them…holdin’a man’s sweaty face and wet lips to keep my meat lodged deep, slowly easing myself in while reminding him to breath through his nose…and to be a man about it. Each knows he'll be spendin' hours on his knees or stomach, suckin' Daddy's cock and talkin' me up until I finally break down and shove my spit-lubed meat straight up into my boy's fuckhole, pounding his masculine, meaty arse...POUND AWAY, talkin' filth, givin to him in long, hard blows, my steel cock ring pounding on his sphincter. When he feels that first load shoot up his fucked hole, pussyboy pops me out, swings around and swallows my entire rod, still blowin' my load, strokin' it, pumpin' the rest of my load down his throat and in his mouth...kissing it, lickin' my pisshole to catch every last drop!