04 May 2009

Fuck-buddy organises slave 4 me

"I better NOT see ONE drop of piss hit the floor..." 

About 3 or 4 years ago I returned to the US to help sort-out some family matters. Unfortunately my family lives in the middle of nowhere so I was only able to spend 3 days in San Francisco where I booked my return flight back home to Sydney. By the 2nd day I was bustin' for a horny, piggy session. I hooked up with an old fuckbud at his place and fucked him stupid for a cpl of hrs. 

While I was showering, he swiftly organised a "submissive/slave" to come over and service us. I couldn't have been more pleased. No more than 10 minutes later, I was having' a smoke, kickin' back on his sofa wearing just a towel and cockring watchin' filthy porn on his TV and pc, my cock still swollen from earlier. My mate ordered him in and directed him to strip and then kneel in the middle of the lounge room, facing us. I said nothing, spread my legs a bit wider and let my boner have some air. 

As expected, he held his focus on my cock without batting an eye. I was busting for a piss since my cock hadn't let up long enough at that pt. My towel dropped around my feet and my cock sprung up and brushed the side off his face. He tried to put his mouth on it but he hadn't earned that privilege quite yet. Instead, I put my foot on his chest and shoved him forcefully which shocked the fuck out of him.From here, he crawled into the bathroom behind me and stayed face-down with my foot resting on the back of his head as I instructed him on how I wanted to piss...translation, how he would serve as my personal urinal. 

My rules are clear, concise and non-negotiable. slaves are permitted to use only 4 words at any time regardless of the context, question or need. "Sir, Yes Sir!" or "Sir, Thank You Sir!". I am a very skilful and horny Top and take my time training these faggots. I directed him to kneel before me, hands behind his back. I positioned him one inch from my throbbing rod and forbid him to touch or taste it until either of said so. While servicing me, he was ordered to block-out my mate and visa-versa. Finally, once my cock enters his mouth, ONLY I dictate when it comes out. 

And so it began, ever so slowly.  I opened his quivering mouth, inspected it with my fingers and then spread his cheeks wide with either hand as I guided my meat into his mouth, allowing him to feel its weight resting over his tongue as it moved down his throat. He gagged immediately but didn't resist. I coached him to breath through his nose to allow more space for cock, HIS ONE AND ONLY PRIORITY. 

Faggot looked ready to start crying in ecstasy so I held my cock down his throat and said, "I'm going to start releasing my chem-soaked piss ONE DROP AT A TIME down your throat. Be strong. Be conscious of your priority and know this one last thing...I better NOT see ONE drop of piss hit the floor, even in the bathroom. If you waste so much as ONE drop, I will remove my cock and kick you out without a second thought. Got me???"

I won't go into every detail but suffice to say that it took me 15 minutes to unload my bladder completely...and he didn't lose ONE drop...not ONE drop of piss left his mouth or his asshole ALL NIGHT. As you can imagine, we totally used and abused this experienced slave boy from the second he arrived to the second we kicked him out the door wearing one tube sock as the other one was corked up his ass to prevent our piss and cum from leaking. 

Of course we pissed on every bit of clothing he was wearing and threw it out at him as he left...shoes and all. 

True story...

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throb919 said...

"I won't go into every detail but..."

Please do. And of course what I mean is: "Sir, Thank You Sir!"