03 May 2009

Married neighbour makes me drop to my knees...

Just over a year ago, my partner and i vacated our flat after it flooded and moved next door where we now have complete privacy and an unobstructed view of the beach and harbour...and what used to be our balcony next door. Two months later, unaware the flat had been rented, I was stunned to find our new neighbour on the balcony early one morning, seeing him for the first time. Truth be told, we'd been up partyin' and hadn't been to bed (to sleep) yet. Wearing nothing but a cockring and my CK briefs, I lit up a j and stepped out onto the balcony to get some air around 6am. Hand cupping my cock and balls inside my shorts, I looked over to my left when I heard his voice. His back was to me as he slowly paced away (from my direction), holding his mobile phone in one hand, and his basket in the other. He too was wearing just briefs but I couldn't help notice he had a boxer-tan, which I fkn love. My jaw and dick dropeed as he turned around, seemingly highlighting the profile of his meaty arse just for me. and then giving me the whole show of his full package when facing me. He was stunning. I was speachless...and neither of us looked away or stopped what we were doing. Still on his mobile phone, he looked up to see me standing there...lookin' at him. The sexy fucker didn't bat an eye! Hands firmly holding their respective pieces, he simply moved the mouthpiece away from his mouth, nodded and said, "Hey mate!" with the most wickedly handsome smile, sexiest voice and relaxed blokey saunter. There are VERY, VERY few men for whom I would fall to my knees, rub my face in their crotch and then suck their cocks until the bloody cows come home...yet MY next-door neighbour happens to be one of them...straight tradesman, masculine, married, friendly, built, flirtatious, naughty and by the look of his package...HUNG! ...more to follow.

(This is the closest pic I could find that best reflects him, his personality and sex appeal)

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