28 September 2011

What's your favorite photo?

Assuming 'favourite photo' does not include 'personal' photos, I'd have to give the nod to this T.I.M. cocksucker, Christian...totally in his element, proudly devouring mouthful of massive cock yet making love and fucking that cock (and that man) with his eyes...

Ask me anything...sexuality and sex-related topics preferred.

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( DO NOT ask me anything you'd ask your own mother. )

25 September 2011

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most important....how important is SEX to you??

Sex has been a vital part of my life and development, as a man and as a human being. My sexuality and sexual curiosities/objects/aversions have influenced just how important it is to at different times...and then there's that little thing called, 'LIFE' (...bet you thought I was goin' somewhere else with that ;-) ).

All things considered, I give SEX a solid 8...not quite an 'essential need' for survival yet right-up there with my 'primary needs'.

Curious much?! It's now or never. 'RM' closing 31 Dec 2010. ['RM' blog, sexuality and sex-related preferred.]

What is your favorite sexual position?

Sitting up, leaning back against headboard or comfortable chair...legs spread giving cocksucker full access to my cock.

Curious much?! It's now or never. 'RM' closing 31 Dec 2010. ['RM' blog, sexuality and sex-related preferred.]

Ever had piss in your ass?

Not intentionally, or anticipated however have unloaded my bladder into boys' asses shorty following a solid pounding and deep cum seeding.

Curious much?! It's now or never. 'RM' closing 31 Dec 2010. ['RM' blog, sexuality and sex-related preferred.]

21 September 2011

'Legendary Alpha Bator'...Bondard33

"Your cock is LEGEND!" 
 (alphatop to Bondard33)

 "I like stroking a long time... 
Popperbating, edging... exhibitionist!!! 
Pumping too!  It's so good! 
Big dicks and balls make me horny and crazy!! 
But, I like all dicks lol... A great body is welcome! 
But the most important : only good baters!"
(With permission, re-posted from Bateworld.com)

~ ~ ~
46 years old
Bordeaux, France

Sexual Orientation: Bi
Cock Size: Monster
Cut or Uncut: Uncut
Body Type: Muscular
Body Hair: Shaved
 ~ ~ ~
 ~ ~ ~
on Bateworld : Bondard33
on oovoo : Bondard33
on yahoo : sagesse33
on skype : philosophe33
~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~
Skype ~
[2:07:36 AM] philosophe33: i'm here
[2:07:42 AM] Sir.: heya mate
[2:11:48 AM] Sir.: fuck...fuck...fuck...
[2:11:53 AM] Sir.: fuckkkkkkkkkk
[2:12:47 AM] Sir.: you THE MAN
[2:12:53 AM] Sir.: that cock IS LIFE
[2:12:53 AM] philosophe33: yeah
[2:13:02 AM] philosophe33: feel so good
[2:13:51 AM] Sir.: what do you like to be called...'man', 'dude' 'Sir', 'Daddy'...what?
[2:13:55 AM] Sir.: say it!
[2:14:03 AM] Sir.: fuck
[2:14:07 AM] philosophe33: dude
[2:14:51 AM] Sir.: fuck yea dude...u always known your cock was so fkn huge?
[2:15:17 AM] Sir.: showin off gym showers ? urinals?
[2:15:21 AM] philosophe33: yep and others said me
[2:15:46 AM] Sir.: who was the first to actually tell you?
[2:16:29 AM] philosophe33: my best friend at the rugby showers!
[2:16:50 AM] Sir.: you just got even fkn HOTTER
[2:17:22 AM] Sir.: fkn A dude...your cock is LEGEND
[2:18:01 AM] Sir.: who was its last fortunate recepient?
[2:18:54 AM] philosophe33: the mouth of a dude at gym shower
[2:20:01 AM] Sir.: you FKN killin' me here mate...
 ~ ~ ~

19 September 2011

OMFG...this bloke is R-I-DICK-U-L-O-U-S! (Xtube)

"me jackin...anyone is welcome to watch.
I hope you all enjoy... please be respectful. 
I got all horny watching a chick get boned in a motel. 
The I was reading a few BIOS that chick like seeing a guy cum."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

16 September 2011

cocksucker obsession: CocksNThroat from Dick.net

Cum along with me 
for repeated, extended, edging and jacking sessions,
pervin' on this natural-born cocksucker in cocksucking heaven
fully attentive, focused and PRESENT...
uniquely skilled, intuitive and hungry...
he is basically, 

'ONE with cock!'
as though his 'calling' is being realized.

"Orally fixated Los Angeles, CA guy here.
Masculine, handsome, very friendly - real & cool guy
I've got some major skills on my knees (check the vids)
I'm happy to just suck/service a guy -
Or you can suck down my bone, too"

Check more vids of me here: Xtube - HotThroatLA
Email: LATHROATER@yahoo.com

CocksNThroat @ Dick.net
(be sure to tell him that alphatop referred you...)

14 September 2011

"Why I love cut cock..." (repost from Dick.net forum)

hard cut cock belt buckle
(Snippet from Dick.net: "Who Let The Dog Out" forum)

"...On the rare occasion, I’d make a small opening so that I could peer through just enough to watch men unzip, pull out their cocks and piss heavy streams of piss that only beer-drinking can make a man do. I would tremble with fear of being sprung by any of the men, especially since most of the men knew my mum. Like most horny boys, I took my chances and soon there was very little toilet paper filling that glory hole when I locked the stall door behind me.

One Saturday afternoon, I had been sitting on the can for around 10 minutes, jerking-off, reading all the smut covering the wall. Then I heard a loud, drunk voice…deep voice, Texan accent. He punched open the swinging doors that opened up into the men’s room. The next thing I remember is the sound of one of those huge rodeo buckles being opened and a zipper being ripped down.

I looked through cautiously and about shot my load when I saw this 7 or 8 inch, hard as fuck cock turn the corner and start pissing at least 5 feet away from the trough..."


For complete post on Dick.net, click on this link..
~ ~ ~

'Service Men' slideshow...RESPECT...


~ ~ ~

Str8 Biker (exhibitionist video)

Production details are unknown
and relatively unnecessary
if you're bustin' to rub one out on cue...

Though must admit to having the absolute filthiest fantasies about him,
those cocksucking lips and that studly, beer-can of a cock!

(the video...)
~ ~ ~

10 September 2011

MaverickMEN have launched their own website!

"Hi guys, thanks for checking out our site! 
After literally millions of fans 
asking us to spread our wings, 
we finally decided to take their advice and

We have come to the decision that 
over 80 million fans can't be wrong
You guys seem to love our content, 
and your wish is our command so here it is:

 Some of you may recognize us from  
Xtube and MaverickMan222. 
And some of you may have just discovered us, 
so here is a little information about who we are 
and what we are about...
~ ~ ~

alphatop...blowin' my load (by request)

By request...  
Private clip of me blowing my load 
after long c2c session, blogging and edging... 


'Rare Breeding on Vacation' [Xtube BB video]


XTube Porn Video

07 September 2011

Buenos Boys feat.Diego (debut video)

Meet 'Diego'
22 yo, Str8, Latino...
Personal Fitness Trainer by day...

~ ~ ~

04 September 2011

More Girth...the man...THE MEAT!

I have yet to see one XXX clip 
starring str8, mega-hung stud, 
Girth Brooks
that has failed to get me off,
or at least makes my cock bone-hard.
 ~ ~ ~

Win/Win all the way 'round...
(predictable plot aside)
Girth loves having his cock sucked 
ALMOST as much as Ari Silvio loves sucking cock
...big cock...Girth's cock, in particular...
refreshingly natural dynamic 
shows-off their respective skills and talents...
a XXX match made in cocksucking-heaven!

~ ~ ~

She's Baaackkk...greatly anticipated, retooled, fully functioning website!

"I am delighted to report that the Website is now back online. For those of you who were caught up in the registration glitches over the weekend, please accept my apologies. My programmers have been working tirelessly over the last several days to correct a number of issues. While there may still be errors here and there, all of which will be corrected in due course, the main problem of incorrectly attributed photographs has now been resolved.
Those who registered but whose profile photo did not appear or those who have not yet uploaded a photo shoud now proceed to upload a photo to your profile album. Members who do not upload acceptable profile photographs within a reasonable time following registration will be automatically removed from the system.
Again, I must remind members that uploading photos of celebrities, models, animals, scenery, inanimate objects and other unacceptable photos as your profile photo will result in immediate deletion of your account. Please read the Terms of Service and the Community Guidelines to better understand what types of photos are acceptable.
Lastly, may I suggest completing the “About Me” section of your profile page.  It is always lovely to learn more about the members of our Phallic Community.

01 September 2011

Featuring...A Breeder's Journal: More Trade

~ ~ ~ 

After reading one of 'The Breeder's' recent posts, 
I felt compelled to feature the artist,
AKA: Mr. Steed,
and his personally revealing, multi-dimensional, 
sexually uncompromising, erotic blog.
I've included his Xtube profile as a bonus...
as if pics of his massive cock aren't enough!??!

~ ~ ~
THE blog...
A Breeder's Journal
"Some basic facts: I'm married. I'm in my mid-to-late forties. I'm a good-looking, professional, well-adjusted dad who enjoys anonymous encounters, public sex, and pursuing my favorite hobby of fucking. Anything beyond those statements that you don't find in the pages of this blog is an assumption. You know what they say about assumptions."
This is a personal favourite of mine...
Check it out and let MrSteed know that alphatop sent ya...

A Breeder's Journal: More Trade: "You want to see a picture of my wife?" His question's timing was odd. I was in the back of his van with my pants around my ankles, dick i...


Friendly Bi Top

"If you saw me walking down the street, you"d assume I was a good-looking, professional, well-adjusted married dad in his mid-forties. If you saw me in the bathhouse, or spreading my knees under a men"s room stall partition, or stroking my dick in a public park, or working over holes at a group fuck, you"d assume I was a total full-time sleaze. You"d be right on all counts."

A Breeder's Journal


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Longing for San Francisco...10 years on...

Florence and the Machine
'Letters from America'
(music video)

~ ~ ~

This may be the most intimate and personal thing 
I have (and probably will) ever post on this blog.

This beautifully crafted music video and song is one of my cherished, secret gems. The first (and even most recent) time I watched it, my heart filled with loss as I could no longer avoid or deny how genuinely homesick I sometimes feel, nearly 10 years (to the day), since moving from San Francisco to Australia.
 ~ ~ ~