30 April 2010

10 Most Bizarre Sex Ed Videos

You think Sarah Palin's dangerous !??! Ever wonder where people like her come from ?!!? Meet her ancestors.

29 April 2010

Full-on Leather Fuck

Dirty, deep-thrusting, 
 fuck him up-the-ass,  
leather fuck session.

You're welcum...

Marco Blaze Pounded

I first learned of Marco Blaze from an advertisment in the Escort/classified section of GT magazine. I wasn't looking to hire an escort but rather 'making do' with the only 'resource' on hand, hungrily flipping through the pages for a hot image to help get me get-off relatively quickly... jacking-off in the men's room at work. that's when I came across Marco's ad. Suffice it to say, I was one-hundred percent gobsmacked... ding, ding,ding...we have a WINNER!!! Not much later (but only slightly less horny), I did what most dirty men would do. I pulled-up my pants, stuffed my surprisingly still erect cock into my shorts (dressed to the left when hard), rolled up my GT mag and tucked it under my arm while I washed my hands, proceeded back to my office, shut and locked my door, then privately conducted a full-on 'Marco Blze' internet seach... followed by a second orgasm in less than 10 minutes. Generally speaking, I tend to think I'm pretty switched-on regarding gay porn, however have to admit that this spunk totally escaped my attention... until that day. I generally prefer total bottoms but there are men I wouldn't think twice about blowing. This man is at the TOP of that list and, dare I say it, would gladly take his massive cock up my ass. Given it's been over 6 years since I've been fucked, I don't make public proclamations of this sort lightly! In my opinion, Marco Blaze is the ULTIMATE VERSATILE FUCK STUD! Marco Blaze Pounded




Don't take my word for it, check them out for yourself.
Your cock will grateful you did! 

Here's a video compilation consisting of  
3 of their most recent posts to Xtube 
(which I took the liberty of downloading and joining).  


Thanks again guys! 

2AKTIVA...2 bones skullfucking 1 faggot's mouth

Xtube vid for REAL MEN only...



25 April 2010

Choke On It

Sucking cock your thing ???

Love giving head...or getting head ??

If so, then this vid's for you...

another Xtuber with all the right stuff.

"You definitely talk the talk"

Every now and then, I'll receive email messages from readers that inspire me to 'keep it up'...usually the same messages that rev me up in the first place. This one made me smile, then chuckle...then got me hard. Go figure tho it goes to show the effect an intelligent, filthy bottom has on me. 'david' consented to this pvt message being posted (and understandably requested his email be removed).  

Cheers again boy!

  On Mon, Feb 1, 2010 at 8:40 AM, 'david' wrote:
SIR! Stumbled across your Raw Masculinity blog, hot stuff! You definitely talk the talk . . . This sub is a SoCal worm. The real men this sub have played with say just one look in the eyes and they knew it would drop to its knees. The best dom was a str8 jarhead who was regarded as a hot head by his team who would swing at the least provocation. He was scary and given a wide berth but he saw it immediately in its eyes and was a brutal taskmaster. As long as it knew its place all was well but if it starting acting like a man, there was hell to pay. Anyway it liked your best (precondom) video pics. Huge 2 is in the top, especially the “Overdrive” segment you included. That pick-up truck driver broadcasts Alpha Top and the kid wastes no time it dropping to his knees and letting the stud spear him on his tool and wipe his face with his ass. 'HUGE II - Trucker & The Hitchhiker' This sub has a couple of vids you might like. “Militia Men” with Zeus model Brandon Wells. Dressed in uniform he only has to point and the sub starts slobbering on his boots. Later the dom teases the sub, making him feel up his chest and swab his huge pecs. Finally the sub gets his reward as the big arms go up over his head and the subs attacks those hairy pits. Hot!!! The other is an old Brentwood Studios release with two unaccredited actors Cliff and Mark in “Takes what he wants.” The kid (Mark) gets more than he bargained for once Cliff takes charge. In no time, the eager sub is oiling up the dude’s muscles, sucking cock and licking ass. Cliff is another one who broadcasts irresistible machismo. Thank you again for your site and keep up the good work. david

24 April 2010

Pullin' A Load (hj compilation)

 Real blokes
rubbin' one out...

Pullin' a load on cam, 
  showin'-off for pervs all around the globe.

13 April 2010

Pumped (bb compilation)

Bareback Compilation

03 April 2010

It's a TOP thing...

Like most Tops, I am keenly aware of what makes my dick hard. I'm a total sucker for the more reserved, boy-next-door types, particularly once the clothes come off and that mouth opens up to feed on my cock, transforming him into the insatiable cock-sucking bottom he has always dreamed of being or becoming.This is about the most common fantasy I have while strokin' and pumping my dick to feel that rage in my groin, shooting creamy juice all over my fist, 3-4 mini-geysers landing on my stomach and around my pubes.
For over a decade, almost every boy and man I’ve fucked refers to me as either “Sir” or “Daddy”, no exaggeration! I take tremendous pride and pleasure “training” the sexually adventurous novices in particular though am always keen to guide another Top into submission and create an experience in which he can let go of what he knows, doesn’t know, should and shouldn’t do, allowing himself to be led so that he can abandon all thought, knowing he’ll be safe under my guidance.
I’m a very patient man, a good-natured introvert with an easy smile, hearty laugh and naturally very masculine. I have almost no body hair, except for a bit under my arms, around my nips, treasure trail to my package, up the crack of my ass and all the way down my legs. Now 41, I regard myself as sexy and handsome, fit and sexually insatiable.
I love my cock in every way, in every state. I haven’t always been this confident about my dick. I’ve always felt sexually powerful but didn’t have a clue what other guys thought about it, objectifying it while shamelessly telling me how much they genuinely worshiped my cock.
Getting head is the most beautiful and generous thing in the world to me. I never feel MORE like a man than when another man is kneeling or laying between my meaty legs, worshiping my crotch, unveiling my cock, kissing it, licking it, revering it…awaiting my cue as permission to inhale my cock and begin feasting on it, grateful for its size and power, tirelessly stroking and sucking on it, hopeful to extract my load, swallowing every seed, then releasing my meat only after I’ve said so – though almost none of them want to let go, that is until I place my foot right on his chest and shove him to the floor as I stand up and walk over him to go have a piss.
I’m a selfish Top but I always take time to learn about my sex partners’ fantasies. Makes me hard hearing them talk dirty, then gradually leading him to divulge his most intimate and secretive sexual fantasies - the darkest, dirtiest sexual scenarios that have gotten him off countless times, yet remain unknown to any other man, until now. And, on the rare occasion when the “right’’ boy comes along, I share my own.
When it’s working, I can kick back for hours and just have him service me and my cock while I have a hit off a joint. That’s when I feel most powerful and confident. I’ll take my time, occasionally humping his mouth to let him know Daddy’s happy. All this time he’s only allowed to respond in 1 of 2 ways: “Sir, Yes Sir.” Or “Sir, Thank You Sir”. With the exception of his ‘safe’ word, that’s all he gets because I do not respond to anything else. Anything and everything that boy needs can be addressed using these 2 statements. If he slips up, I let him know how to do it differently but then remind him that the next time will find my strong hand firmly smacking his backside.

02 April 2010


 Post-cum feed...

Married Deepthroat...

Sucking-off Sarge...