25 April 2010

"You definitely talk the talk"

Every now and then, I'll receive email messages from readers that inspire me to 'keep it up'...usually the same messages that rev me up in the first place. This one made me smile, then chuckle...then got me hard. Go figure tho it goes to show the effect an intelligent, filthy bottom has on me. 'david' consented to this pvt message being posted (and understandably requested his email be removed).  

Cheers again boy!

  On Mon, Feb 1, 2010 at 8:40 AM, 'david' wrote:
SIR! Stumbled across your Raw Masculinity blog, hot stuff! You definitely talk the talk . . . This sub is a SoCal worm. The real men this sub have played with say just one look in the eyes and they knew it would drop to its knees. The best dom was a str8 jarhead who was regarded as a hot head by his team who would swing at the least provocation. He was scary and given a wide berth but he saw it immediately in its eyes and was a brutal taskmaster. As long as it knew its place all was well but if it starting acting like a man, there was hell to pay. Anyway it liked your best (precondom) video pics. Huge 2 is in the top, especially the “Overdrive” segment you included. That pick-up truck driver broadcasts Alpha Top and the kid wastes no time it dropping to his knees and letting the stud spear him on his tool and wipe his face with his ass. 'HUGE II - Trucker & The Hitchhiker' This sub has a couple of vids you might like. “Militia Men” with Zeus model Brandon Wells. Dressed in uniform he only has to point and the sub starts slobbering on his boots. Later the dom teases the sub, making him feel up his chest and swab his huge pecs. Finally the sub gets his reward as the big arms go up over his head and the subs attacks those hairy pits. Hot!!! The other is an old Brentwood Studios release with two unaccredited actors Cliff and Mark in “Takes what he wants.” The kid (Mark) gets more than he bargained for once Cliff takes charge. In no time, the eager sub is oiling up the dude’s muscles, sucking cock and licking ass. Cliff is another one who broadcasts irresistible machismo. Thank you again for your site and keep up the good work. david

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