29 April 2010

Marco Blaze Pounded

I first learned of Marco Blaze from an advertisment in the Escort/classified section of GT magazine. I wasn't looking to hire an escort but rather 'making do' with the only 'resource' on hand, hungrily flipping through the pages for a hot image to help get me get-off relatively quickly... jacking-off in the men's room at work. that's when I came across Marco's ad. Suffice it to say, I was one-hundred percent gobsmacked... ding, ding,ding...we have a WINNER!!! Not much later (but only slightly less horny), I did what most dirty men would do. I pulled-up my pants, stuffed my surprisingly still erect cock into my shorts (dressed to the left when hard), rolled up my GT mag and tucked it under my arm while I washed my hands, proceeded back to my office, shut and locked my door, then privately conducted a full-on 'Marco Blze' internet seach... followed by a second orgasm in less than 10 minutes. Generally speaking, I tend to think I'm pretty switched-on regarding gay porn, however have to admit that this spunk totally escaped my attention... until that day. I generally prefer total bottoms but there are men I wouldn't think twice about blowing. This man is at the TOP of that list and, dare I say it, would gladly take his massive cock up my ass. Given it's been over 6 years since I've been fucked, I don't make public proclamations of this sort lightly! In my opinion, Marco Blaze is the ULTIMATE VERSATILE FUCK STUD! Marco Blaze Pounded

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Anonymous said...

I connot believe that I am the first to comment on the super, hot video. A lot of viewers are missing out on this blazing video. Marco wanted to be fucked deep and hard and he got his wish. The first top guy, who is fucking good looking, pounded Marco like there was no tomorrow. The follow up guy did the same. Marco, with his hot bod begging for more, pleaded for hard and deeper thrusts. He has the perfect butt for the perfect fuck. I rank this among the best videos I have ever seen as the actors let their testosterone take over and engaged in raw, masculine, hard sex.