30 March 2010

"The Big Ones" feat. Jason Ross (precondom video clip)

Big Jack Dillon heads up a well-endowed cast in a wild sexual adventure in the woods; also starring Karl Thomas, Josh Taylor, Scott Hogan, Alex Thomas, Jason Ross and Rick "Big" Donovan. It's all about size and excruciating pleasurable pain being on the receiving end of unsheathed mega meat!
Originally released in 1991, 
"The Big Ones' straddled the fence of 
'precondom' vs 'safer sex' gay porn. 

That said, it was THIS SCENE in particular 
featuring my hometown boy,  
Jason Ross
(the ring-leader in this three-way)
which made the greatest impression on me back then
...and  even now. 

This is probably one of the more obscure 
or lesser known scenes from this precondom classic.

I especially get-off on 
how (seemingly) high and trashed 
these boys look...and FUCK!!!

'Jason Ross'
was a bartender at the only gay bar in 
Albuquerque, NM,
when I had just come-out, which was
just prior to when he moved to LA to 'launch' a porn career. 

I blew my load countless times fantasizing about him back then, 
well before I had ever seen him fuck on video.

You can only imagine how incredibly gratifying it was for me 
to finally see him in action for the first time. 
This fuck-fantasy not only lived up to 
my (then) horniest expectations, 
 he opened my eyes and mind, 
shattering my projections, 
doing what was quite obviously 
second nature to him... 


...totally validating that he was worth every horny stroke, 
every last drop of cum, countless loads I've EVER blown, 
fantasizing about being completely dominated by him, 
just like the wired blond faggot in this scene.
(Think I'll go honour him right now...just for ol' times' sake...)

Str8 Men Worth Blowing

Orally fixated fetishists  
(cocksuckers and/or cockfeeders)  
will appreciate the energy between these two.
Grab your amyl boys 'cause 
in its own right, yet raised to a whole new level  
by this worthy cocksucker.

24 March 2010

"Killer & Butch"... Definitive Masculinity

"Killer & Butch"  
Best of COLT 1&2
"Killer & Butch" featured in Best of COLT 1 & 2  
ranks among one of the most influential gay porn scenes 
  in my own sexual evolution and development.  

Besides the obvious beauty of these two sexy Alpha Males, 
  I am most affected by the intimacy, tenderness 
and uninhibited joy in their sexual dynamic.

20 March 2010

Jackin IT X FOUR (j/o compilation)

Three 4 short clips, 
Three 4 Hung spunks jackin' it...  
Three 4+ HUGE loads!

Working That Dick

* Hungry cocksucker
totally in his element,
working and worshiping that dick...
from its massive head,
all the way down to its thick base, 
nose buried deep in his pubes,  
greedily slurpin' away...

...devouring every inch,  
savouring every fuckin' second 
feeding on rough trade's seed.  

(Xtra horny points for rough-trade's reflection in the mirror).

18 March 2010


No bells-n-whistles here... 
just good ol' fashioned raw fuck up the ass!
Bottom face-down, back arched and ass UP...
totally ready to get NAILED!

I challenge anyone to take issue with this...

C'mon mate, I dare ya?!!?

14 March 2010

Grow'ers, Show'ers & Blow'ers

For those of you who share my 'appreciation' for
thick, veiny, CUT cock...
I put together this compilation of clips
showcasing some of my
favourite horny, hung dudes and their mouth-watering cocks.

HORNY cock-proud exhibitionists  
edging and jacking-off...  
blowin' load after creamy load 
  all over their fists, torsos, cocks and cams. 


Cum Eater

As my clever husband would say,

"If you're gonna kiss it...FUCK IT !!! "

...or in this case, 

06 March 2010

REALMENREALHOT...Str8 Army Soldier


Str8 Army Soldier's first time jacking-off 
in front of the camera... 
 though you'd never know it!

04 March 2010

I fkn LIVE for bottoms...Sir

To put it bluntly... I fuckin' LIVE for genuine, submissive bottoms!!!

I'm 100% in control and NEVER let my boys down...if mf (leather boy I'm fucking in blurred pic) has a big night out and then needs a good hard fuck afterwards, the horny cocksucker knows to call anytime, knows exactly what to say and just what to offer...I may be the boss, but this boy owns my cock! And, I own him…holding a man’s sweaty face and wet lips steady, for the primary purpose of keeping my meat lodged in his mouth and down his throat, working its way in…and down…all the while reminding him to breath through his nose, guiding him to redirect his energy, to take pride in being a ‘cocksucking bottom…MY cocksucking bottom’…and for fuck’s sake, to be a man about it.

My boys accept their role with gratitude, knowing they WILL spend hours on their knees or stomach, suckin' Daddy's cock and chattin me up, feedin’ my ego, until I finally break down and shove my spit-lubed meat straight up my boy's fuckhole, relentlessly pounding his masculine, meaty arse... talkin' filth, givin’ it to him in long, hard blows, my steel cock ring pounding on his sphincter.

When he feels that first load shoot up his fucked hole, pussyboy waits patiently for my cue, then pops my cock out, swings around to devour my entire rod, hoping my orgasm sustains itself long enough for him to catch some in his mouth, still throbbing…grabs hold of it proudly, strokin' it, pullin’ the rest of my load, first by hand, then orally...kissing it, loving it, worshiping it…totally present to its most subtle changes and needs, mindful to catch every last drop of cum that my cock delivers! Indeed…I do love my bottoms…my boys !

Brad Hunt Tops Scott Baldwin

''Flashpoint'' Brad Hunt ranks way up there with my all-time favourite porn models, particularly among the best TOPS in the business.
Handsome, masculine energy and one of the STRONGEST, HARDEST COCKs I've ever seen ...and the beauty of porn freezes him in time so I can continue to fantasize about bending HIM over, laying on top of him and fucking him relentlessly. (Scott ain't bad to look at either ;-))...

Skilled Cockworship

Take 5...
To fully appreciate this clip, follow the instructions below:

[Adjust your monitor to FULL SCREEN then ENLARGE video.]
Turn OFF everything else in the room, including music.  
Grab your bottle of poppers...inhale...and again...
Now... Press PLAY and slowly take your cock out of your pants...  
I think you know what to do from here.



'' ...cum in !!!"
This is for all you cock-hungry submissive bottoms who fantasize about getting your ass fucked RAW by a no-nonsense,anonymous, hung TOP.