30 March 2010

"The Big Ones" feat. Jason Ross (precondom video clip)

Big Jack Dillon heads up a well-endowed cast in a wild sexual adventure in the woods; also starring Karl Thomas, Josh Taylor, Scott Hogan, Alex Thomas, Jason Ross and Rick "Big" Donovan. It's all about size and excruciating pleasurable pain being on the receiving end of unsheathed mega meat!
Originally released in 1991, 
"The Big Ones' straddled the fence of 
'precondom' vs 'safer sex' gay porn. 

That said, it was THIS SCENE in particular 
featuring my hometown boy,  
Jason Ross
(the ring-leader in this three-way)
which made the greatest impression on me back then
...and  even now. 

This is probably one of the more obscure 
or lesser known scenes from this precondom classic.

I especially get-off on 
how (seemingly) high and trashed 
these boys look...and FUCK!!!

'Jason Ross'
was a bartender at the only gay bar in 
Albuquerque, NM,
when I had just come-out, which was
just prior to when he moved to LA to 'launch' a porn career. 

I blew my load countless times fantasizing about him back then, 
well before I had ever seen him fuck on video.

You can only imagine how incredibly gratifying it was for me 
to finally see him in action for the first time. 
This fuck-fantasy not only lived up to 
my (then) horniest expectations, 
 he opened my eyes and mind, 
shattering my projections, 
doing what was quite obviously 
second nature to him... 


...totally validating that he was worth every horny stroke, 
every last drop of cum, countless loads I've EVER blown, 
fantasizing about being completely dominated by him, 
just like the wired blond faggot in this scene.
(Think I'll go honour him right now...just for ol' times' sake...)


Steven said...

I remember him well, bartending at ... whatever that place used to be called then ... Nines? Mining Company? It was so many things back then. Rocked my world when he started doing porn.

alphatop7 said...

WOW...did not anticipate that someone else would remember John prior to his pornstar days. I was all of 21 or 22 back then and would hang on every positive word, nod or attention he threw my way...although he was genuinely good natured and friendly, little did I know that's how bartenders earned their money...flirting, flirting, flirting.

Still, I would have dropped to my knees or bent over the bar to take his cock. John DID fuck my best friend in his car one afternoon...and I was jealous beyond belief. Ahhh youth...wouldn't go back for anything in the world but sure was nice to take a stroll down memory lane with someone else from good ol' ABQ, NM...Sir