04 March 2010

I fkn LIVE for bottoms...Sir

To put it bluntly... I fuckin' LIVE for genuine, submissive bottoms!!!

I'm 100% in control and NEVER let my boys down...if mf (leather boy I'm fucking in blurred pic) has a big night out and then needs a good hard fuck afterwards, the horny cocksucker knows to call anytime, knows exactly what to say and just what to offer...I may be the boss, but this boy owns my cock! And, I own him…holding a man’s sweaty face and wet lips steady, for the primary purpose of keeping my meat lodged in his mouth and down his throat, working its way in…and down…all the while reminding him to breath through his nose, guiding him to redirect his energy, to take pride in being a ‘cocksucking bottom…MY cocksucking bottom’…and for fuck’s sake, to be a man about it.

My boys accept their role with gratitude, knowing they WILL spend hours on their knees or stomach, suckin' Daddy's cock and chattin me up, feedin’ my ego, until I finally break down and shove my spit-lubed meat straight up my boy's fuckhole, relentlessly pounding his masculine, meaty arse... talkin' filth, givin’ it to him in long, hard blows, my steel cock ring pounding on his sphincter.

When he feels that first load shoot up his fucked hole, pussyboy waits patiently for my cue, then pops my cock out, swings around to devour my entire rod, hoping my orgasm sustains itself long enough for him to catch some in his mouth, still throbbing…grabs hold of it proudly, strokin' it, pullin’ the rest of my load, first by hand, then orally...kissing it, loving it, worshiping it…totally present to its most subtle changes and needs, mindful to catch every last drop of cum that my cock delivers! Indeed…I do love my bottoms…my boys !

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Breeding Jock said...

That's fuckin' HOT! Hopefully one day I can experience that!

Yes, Bottoms DO RULE the world!