13 June 2009

Raw White BB Boys

You can almost feel how good this actually feels

...for both,

especially the TOP.

Then again, I'm a total sucker for a smooth,

round, 'wanting' , bubble-butt.

Gloryhole Feed

Another XTube extract featuring
expert gloryhole cocksucker.

05 June 2009

'Made For You' [1990...among the final 'precondom' fuck scenes]

I couldn't even begin to guess the number of times I jacked-off and came to this 'white-boy', vanilla-ish scene. I am certain that I was absolutely mesmerized by the blonde boy's perfectly hung and masterfully circumsized cock AND 100% fuckable, creamy white bubble-butt. I'm also certain that I was also obsessed with the raw, skin-on-skin fuck action and the obvious 'absence' of condoms at a time when ALL Adult Video productions transitioned to safer-sex practices...before the time of 'precondom', much less 'BAREBACK' labels. Back then, it was skirting the edge of taboo or inappropriate in that it was accessible for resale when the most all other adult gay prod. shelved completed works quite proactively in response to the AIDS crisis. Maybe these guys didn't get the memo... Thank God for small favours...and dirty young white boys who can turn it on when it matters. An all-time favourite along multiple categories/genres.

02 June 2009

Mega HORNY Spunks

MEGA HOT spunks takin' it off,
and puttin' on one helluva show.
The kinda guys that are a guaranteed,
super-horny experience.

01 June 2009

Expert Cocksucker

"If you're gonna kiss it, FUCK it !!!"
Full-service headjob by expert cocksucker...
ideal demo for training boys and men how to suck cock...
and mean it.
Sucking cock is a skill, a conscious, deliberate effort
that expresses a cocksucker's insatiable hunger
and unconditional devotion
to his man and his man's cock...
demonstrating his full commitment and infinite gratitude...
the very purpose of his existence.

Hung and Proud of Every Inch