04 May 2009

I LIVE for genuine subs

To put it bluntly, I fuckin' LIVE for genuine submissive bottoms!!!

I'm 100% in control and NEVER let my boys down...if pb (cocksucker in pic) or mf (leather boy I'm fucking in blurred pic) have a big night out and then need a good hard fuck afterwards, the horny cocksuckers know to call anytime, know exactly what to say and just what to offer...I may be the boss, but these 2 own my cock! And, I own them…holdin’a man’s sweaty face and wet lips to keep my meat lodged deep, slowly easing myself in while reminding him to breath through his nose…and to 'be a man' about it.

Each knows he'll be spendin' hours on his knees or stomach, suckin' Daddy's cock and talkin' me up until I finally break down and shove my spit-lubed meat straight up into my boy's fuckhole, pounding his masculine, meaty arse...POUND AWAY, talkin' filth, givin to him in long, hard blows, my steel cock ring pounding on his sphincter. When he feels that first load shoot up his fucked hole, pussyboy pops my boner out, swings around and greedily swallows my entire rod...still blowin' my load, strokin' it, draining the rest of my load down his throat and in his mouth...kissing it, lickin' my pisshole to catch every last drop then ended wih his lips kissing my cockhead, smiling softly as he savoured my cum, swallowing it with absolute gratitude and the emerging awareness of his place...(just as YOU know!).

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