10 November 2012


Re: "Take a moment" slide show

Comment from dedicated blog follower, Ken.

21 June 2012


To: Me
Hey Man! I don't know how I missed this one. I was surfing around and fell into it last night. [Wednesdays are long days and boring nights here!]  Last night I liked it, but not too impressed somehow....what a variety.
However this morning I looked at it 3 times and it really touched me.  The music is very nice and you did a perfectly wonderful display of all sorts of gorgeous men.  I didn't want to get off, just get hard and watch and eat the 'drool' as it flowed out.  Man, you really know how to put it all together.  

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! 

Your horny buddy in Central Mexico, 

 ~ ~ ~

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Westernstock said...

Excellent. Certainly got me hard and nearly more!