31 July 2010

Machofucker Double-Dicked and Loaded


SIR said...
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SIR said...

This clip was the first Machofucker production to grab and hold my attention...beautiful, piggy Marco matches these MEGA hung TOPS without the bullshit challenges all too common among active bottoms.

White Top's got that really nasty energy and gifted with has to be one of the most PERFECT CUT COCKs I've ever seen. Not enough can be said about the other TOP who my partner and I refer to as "Crazy Fuck" and undeniably HORNY as hell...you can see the 'crazy' and 'horny' when he stares the camera(man) down...has me happily looping it over and over, even after 7 or 8 years of and countless hours of solo play...my ace in the hole, my iron-clad guarantee to launch me up and over the edge with zero probability of resurfacing..


Chad said...

Wow this MF video is very hot! The bottom took it like a man. I can watch it over and over again. ;)