28 March 2012

10 rules for bottoms...by eurotopnyc

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'10 rules for bottoms'

By eurotopnyc

~ ~ ~
10. Clean up, kid. I like it dirty, but not literally.
9.  Call me a traditionalist, but I like my boys’ holes plucked and shaved.
8.  Condoms? Your neighbour sports a perfect bubble and will give it to me bare.
7.  So it hurts a bit in the beginning? It's supposed to, boy… (and, you’re welcome).
6.  No, I'm not slowing down. Hit the poppers and take it like a pro.
5.  Doggy, missionary, sideways? I like 'em all and you'll give up your ass any way I like it.
4.  I'm fucking you and you're telling me you want a gangbang?!  Tell me why you should be thinking about other cocks right now.
3.  Don't tell me where to dump my load. It's going up your ass and you knew that when we started.
2.  Do I want you to cum? I haven't thought about it but now that you mention it, NO.
1.  Ah...you cleaned my cock!Definitely coming back, slut. 
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