05 September 2010

"AAA Beef" slide show (...for 'UBERSTUD')

Considering how much time I spend online chatting, cruising or jacking-off focused almost exclusively on subs/bottoms (no complaints...just sayin' is all...), from time to time I'll come across another TOP, usually another Alpha Male of like-mind/interests, including some filthy, verbal play. There are two in particular who I have developed the most intense, horny and intimate online 'thing' with...thing is, they couldn't be more different as individuals, which then lends itself to very different interactions/dynamics I maintain with either...with great enthusiasm, I might add. I haven't informed either one of my intention to reference (much less identify by name) them on this post, including just a glimpse into our mind-blowing time chatting, fantasizing, jacking-off, sharing stories, etc. Without exaggeration, either of these men would be considered 'universally handsome, UBER masculine and a 'genuine man's man'. 'UBEBSTUD9' (alias) and I have started exchanging emails w/pics of cocks we fuckin' luv and go on to explore every detail of its physical presence which ultimately leads to horny chat sessions. Long story short, I created this slide show for him, featuring a quick grab of what I consider THE MOST KILLER COCK ON THE NET. Faves and comments welcome! This is for my mate,'UBERSTUD9' in the Middle-East...fellow jacker and horny Alpha Male stud.

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