04 September 2011

She's Baaackkk...greatly anticipated, retooled, fully functioning website!

"I am delighted to report that the Website is now back online. For those of you who were caught up in the registration glitches over the weekend, please accept my apologies. My programmers have been working tirelessly over the last several days to correct a number of issues. While there may still be errors here and there, all of which will be corrected in due course, the main problem of incorrectly attributed photographs has now been resolved.
Those who registered but whose profile photo did not appear or those who have not yet uploaded a photo shoud now proceed to upload a photo to your profile album. Members who do not upload acceptable profile photographs within a reasonable time following registration will be automatically removed from the system.
Again, I must remind members that uploading photos of celebrities, models, animals, scenery, inanimate objects and other unacceptable photos as your profile photo will result in immediate deletion of your account. Please read the Terms of Service and the Community Guidelines to better understand what types of photos are acceptable.
Lastly, may I suggest completing the “About Me” section of your profile page.  It is always lovely to learn more about the members of our Phallic Community.

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